fiancee brags about being breadwinner but is financially unstable

Fiancée Brags About Being Breadwinner, Is Late On Rent And Only Spends Money On Herself

What a shining example of what not to do.
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chaos failure misfortune

25 Chaotic Times Misfortune Struck People's Lives

It's just nonstop.
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"they weren't kidding" stories

33 People's Dumbest "Oh No, You're Not Kidding" Moments

Uh oh.
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trashy behavior

25 Trashtacular Moments That Reek Of Garbage-osity

Oh baby.
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customer is mistaken about discount, proves themselves wrong with receipt

Customer Throws Tantrum Over Discount Mix-up, Proves Himself Wrong

Whoopsie doodles.
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things that smell good but shouldn't

23 People Share Things That Smell Good But Shouldn't

Not bad.
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Guy's divorced brother keeps making creepy insulting comments about guy's wife, gets kicked out

Divorced Brother Won't Stop Insulting Dude's Wife, He Kicks Him To The Curb

No wonder his marriage didn't work out.
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client hates video and gets refund but still tries to use it

Unhinged Client Gets Refund For Video, Still Thinks They Can Use It, Gets Shut Down

Dude, give it a rest.
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funny things that looks like other things

Double Take-Inducing Images of Things That Look Like Other Stuff

Well hello there, uh, oh.
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creepy things kids said

25 Of The Creepiest Things People's Kids Said

Oh boy.
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entitled neighbor doesn't like how is lawn is being mowed so OP stops and he gets a fine

Entitled Neighbor Doesn't Like How Neighbor Mows Lawn For Free, So He Stops, Gets Fined

Oh, neighbors.
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entitled people

Entitled People And Their Fantastically Bold Moves

The incredible nerve.
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embarrassing stories

25 People Share The Most Embarrassing Moment They've Witnessed

People remember this stuff.
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absolute units

Absolute Units Whose Bigness Knows No Bounds

Uncompromising size.
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weddings where people knew the relationship wouldn't last

40 Times Wedding Guests Knew The Marriage Wasn't Going To Last

Not a good sign.
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entitled mom tries stealing iPad using kid as excuse

Entitled Mom Steals iPad, Caught When It Starts Dinging In Her Purse

Oh yeah, that.
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