weird things people did visiting someone's house

Wild Junk People Had To Do When Visiting Someone Else's House

Uh, cool.
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photographer legally takes equipment and runs old company into the ground

Photographer Quits, Uses Loophole To Keep Equipment And Runs Old Company Out Of Town

Absolute devastation.
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things people won't do again

Things People Have Decided They Will Never Do Again

Learn from other people's mistakes.
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bad misspellings

Spelling Failures That Really Missed The Mark

That doesn't mean that.
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scary signs

Scary Signs That Aren't Messing Around

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weird human body facts

Freaky Human Body Facts To Feel Gross About

Oh cool thanks for that.
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neighbor cuts down own mulberry tree after hearing lie about mulberry wine

Neighbor Lies About Mulberry Wine Success To Mess With Eavesdropping Neighbor, Cuts Her Own Tree Down

Absolutely terrific.
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woman says she must be naked for her mental health, even in front of visiting mother-in-law

Woman Insists On Being Naked In Front Of Visiting Mother-In-Law, Thinks She's Being Reasonable

Wasn't expecting that one.
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double take perspective photos

Mind-Jarring Images of Confusing Double-Takery

What's that now?
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neighbor won't stop recording man so he does a sexy pose

Neighbor Won't Stop Recording Dude, Fights Back With Raw Sexuality

It seems to have worked.
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tumblr user's funny dog story

Tumblr Thread: One Dog's Terrifically Long List Of Shenanigans

That's a smart dog.
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things overheard after phone calls

Wild Junk People Overheard After Someone Thought They'd Hung Up

It's good to double check.
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petty reasons people stopped dating

30 People Share The Pettiest Reason They Stopped Dating Someone

It's like one big Seinfeld episode.
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creepy neighbor installs cameras facing woman's house

Creepy Neighbor Installs Cameras Facing Woman's House, She Reports Him

Oh hell na.
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cool woodwork

Sweet Woodwork That's A Real Treet To Look At

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petty things people did with no regret

Petty Things People Did With Zero Regrets

Probably safe at this point.
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