Viral TikTok video has viewers commenting about entitled new hires they've had to work with.

Entitled New Hires Are Getting a Piece of TikTokers' Minds On Viral Video

“They be thinking they know everything.”
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manager work lol ridiculous funny stupid - 16180741

Employee Quits, Delusional Manager Schedules Them For Shift, Threatens Write Up

Is there a better way to tell a former boss “you have no power here” than just laughing in their stupid face? Imagine thinking you have direct control over a person who's no longer an employee. They gave a meaningless threat just to watch their illusion of control crumble apart in their hands. For another absurd ex-manager, here's the ex-manager who tried to get an ex-employee to serve a Karen.
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Viral TikTok has people talking about what their job has given them instead of a raise.

"What Has Your Job Given You Instead of a Raise?" Viral TikTok Has Fed-Up Employees Sharing Their Ridiculous Raise Replacements

You want a raise? How about a pizza party instead. Nothing is more frustrating than when you work your butt off, you go above and beyond for your job , and your reward is nowhere near worth all of the effort you put in. TikTok creator @domer0421 posted a video asking what ridiculous thing everyone got instead of a raise and it instantly started trending and going viral with responses. Yes, lots of people have unfortunately gotten pizza parties at their workplace instead of better pay, but also…
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Karen manager malicious compliance

Karen Boss Tries Sabotaging Employee, They Stop Doing Her Job For Her

It all went downhill from there.
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Employee forced to do crazy shift, quits but then gets a raise and promotion | Posted by u/SGCanadian 17 hours ago Gets fired, ends up with promotion instead oc L This story comes used work global big box store may or may not start with W As an aside they also aren't known well they treat staff either TL;DR at bottom. At time this happened worked store room unloading trucks and bringing stock floor be stocked by overnight crew. Our shift at time 330pm-12am. Our store manager made clear no

Employee Walks Out, Gets a Promotion

If only quitting got everyone a raise.
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ex manager tries to get ex employee to serve Karen at store

Useless Ex-Manager Tries To Get Ex-Employee To Serve Karen Customer

Yeah, no.
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unethical things bosses asked employees to do

Unethical Things People's Bosses Asked Them To Do

Uh, what if I don't do that?
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company changes vacation policy, one crucial employee leaves and debilitates company

New Owners Get Rid of Vacation Policy, Crucial Employee Debilitates Company

Good on Jimmy.
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A collection of times that real life boss fight moments occurred in the world. | tool IKEA uses put their stores together | learned today about time guy brought 2222- card yugioh deck national tournament demonstrate why game needed deck size limit

Times Real Life Boss Fight Moments Occurred

Some people just take it from 0 to 100.
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Viral reddit debates on how to get a raise or get fired.

"I Have Finally Put My Foot Down": Reddit User Shares List of Demands to Boss and Sparks Debate

For some reason, employers appear consistently willing to hire a new employee for a higher salary and better deal overall than they will ever budge to give to an existing employee, leaving the myth of loyalty to your company doing anything for you lurching in the wind. More and more often, people are taking to the internet to detail their troubles trying to get raises out of their employers, and Redditor u/willcalliv did just that when they sent this detailed list of demands to their employer k…
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boss antiwork manager work workplace Horrible Bosses - 16140037

Overworked and Irreplaceable Laborer Gets Even, Negotiates What He’s Owed After Working 90+ Hour Weeks

This guy gets a fat paycheck after being forced to work both shifts when management refuses to hire another worker.
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homework kids teaching work teachers Memes lol funny - 16132357

Teaching Memes That Won't Really Make Anyone Learn Anything

Education is challenging for everyone involved. For students it's a matter of being able to pay attention when you're almost certain you could be spending your time more wisely. For teachers it's a matter of being engaging while dodging all the garbage the parents and the district try to throw at you. So here are some memes for the teachers and the people who deal with them. Honestly these are pretty much a lot like work memes but with the added challenge of having to deal with stupid people's…
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boss wtf employee job work lol story funny - 16114693

Job Tries To Call Guy In For Shift After 10 Years Of Not Working There

Many of us have had nightmares where we find ourselves working back at our older, worse jobs. It's not exactly fun to see those bad jobs clawing back from the past to interrupt our new reality. Redditor u/Bumwungle posted to the popular subreddit r/IDontWorkHereLady to tell their story of how this nightmare came true when an old, college-era fast-food gig called and asked them to come in for a New Year's Eve shift more than 10 years after they had quit. Fascinating that this is even possible, r…
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not my job work mistakes

"Not My Job" Moments Of Effortless Unprofessionalism

Eh, sure, looks fine.
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Boss demands that their employee take part in a company kart race, and then malicious compliance ensues.

Boss Demands Employee Take Part In Company Kart Race, Malicious Compliance Ensues

So satisfying.
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work relationships workplace daughter Father - 15354373

Bad "Boss-Zilla" Dad Gets A Wake Up Call When His Daughter Singles Him Out

Bad boss dad gets told by his daughter
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