not my job moments

"You Had One Job" Moments of Occupational Nincompoopery

Lookin' good.
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employee suspended over missing work to put down dog, never returns

Employee Gets Suspended For Taking Time Off To Put His Dog Down, Never Goes Back

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An employee gets a new job and their colleague starts performing poorly in response.

Employee Gets Better Job, Incompetent Nepotism Colleague Can't Pick Up The Slack

Nepotism can really be a pain.
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Karen wants customer fired, bystander steps in and makes Karen look a fool

Karen Demands Fellow Customer Be "Fired", Suited Legend Steps In, Makes Karen Laughing Stock

Take that, Karen.
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firefighter work story calls into meeting from active burn

Firefighter Gets Dragged Into Mandatory Work Meeting During Off Hours, Calls In From Active Fire

Fired, you say?
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Karen boss tells nanny she's abandoning her kids by going to her sister's wedding

Karen Boss Insists Nanny Is Selfish For Taking Time Off To Attend Sister's Wedding

Good one, lady.
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new principal tells teacher to quit job, so they quit teaching job

New Principal Tells Teacher To Quit Second Job, Quits Teaching Job

Do the math.
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boss 3 months notice email

Pathetic Boss's Email Demanding 3 Months Notice Is Laughably Insane, Motivates More To Quit

Yeah, that'll keep people around.
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boss tries to punish employee for working hard, he quits

IT Guy Gets Punished For Working Too Hard, Quits On The Spot

What a management style.
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antiwork work workplace - 16871941

Viral Thread: Employee Lives the Dream, Suspended From Work For a Meme

Suspended? More like a two-week paid holiday!
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Boss denies worker a promotion, they stop doing his job, he gives in

Boss "Doesn't See Need" For Promotion, Coworkers Stop Doing His Job, Make It Obvious

Hey look, a need.
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employee tumblr work - 16837637

Inspiring Tumblr User is Devising A Clever Tactic For Job Applications

It's no secret that the job applications process is a total sham. The entire ordeal is a bizarre mating dance that would put even the most elaborate rituals of the bird of paradise to shame. You, the applicant, are the male; Prepping your dancing ground with pretty rocks and twig arrangements in the hopes that you might catch a wandering glance from a witting female (or in this case an employer). Once you've drawn their attentionā€¦ it's time to unleash your best song and dance in order to proveā€¦
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customer won't respond to water guy, gets 800 gallons of water in living room

Customer Refuses To Acknowledge Water Guy's Concerns, Gets House Flooded

"As per my email."
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boss antiwork work Horrible Bosses - 16801797

"Fun Police" Boss Declares Fun Illegal, Posts Tone Deaf Poster in Break Room

The "Minion" meme is the worst part.
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work workplace - 655367

Work Decides to Charge Employee For Personal Calls, They Ask to Be Paid For When They Answer Phone Out of Work Hours

You can tell the hypocrisy of a management decision by how quickly it gets swept under the rug when someone calls them out. A similar phenomenon happens when a bad decision is made; everyone tells them that it is bad. They don't listen until it's too late and then pretend that nothing happened when the inevitable fallout occurs.
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new coworker disagrees with nickname culture

New Hire Explodes On Coworker, Personally Finds Their Nickname "Vulgar And Scary"

Oh here we go.
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