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Egg-Headed Boss Tells Worker They Should Have Been Better Prepared When They Were Egged Heading to Work

Talk about having egg on your face.
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New Owners Lay Off All Employees and Tells Them to Re-Apply For Their Jobs, Nobody Does

This company and its new owners experienced an important lesson when they laid off all of their employees in a cruel and misguided power-play. The issue was… When the time came to decide which employees they wanted to keep, no one had reapplied. Reddit user u/alldogzzarebeautiful posted this topic to the r/antiwork subreddit. The thread is full of vigor and fury at the injustice that they suffered at the hands of the company's new owners. This is a tactic that companies loved to use when they h…
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AITA for getting mad my artist hid their initials in my tattoo?

Manager Demands Worker Covers Shift on Their Day Off, Demands They Answer Their Phone When They Quit

What a downright demanding individual.
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boss threatens employee with at-will agreement until she quits on short notice

Power-Tripping Boss Reminds Employee She Can Quit Any Time, She Does

Instant regret.
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Woman Ignites Voracious Online Debate By Claiming that Women Should Receive PTO For Menstruation

We love a good period piece.
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airline won't pay employee ten dollars to be proper ground lead, loses thousands

Management Won't Pay 10 bucks For Ground Crew, Loses Airline Thousands

It's all about preperation.
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strange, funny and bad reasons people were fired

Dumb, Absurd and Just Wild Reasons People Got Fired From Their Job

Really dude?
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people's funny petty work drama stories

People Share Their Current Work Drama That's Tearing The Workplace Apart

That's-a-spicy workplace.
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When your favorite co-worker doesn't show up to work... | When the boss is coming and you need to pretend you're doing something.

40 Work Memes to Start Your Week Off Right (March 21, 2022)

It's crazy, isn't it? The idea that, for years, we all would get up at 5 AM to commute an hour into a collective working area where we would then sit in our drab cloth square, surrounded by tens of other cloth squares. We would engage in meaningless interactions with fellow square inhabitants when cornered by them in communal areas and pass awkwardly by their cloth squares when making our fifth bathroom trip of the morning. Communication was done in code, a specific dialect that an outsider wou…
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Guy Accused of Wage Theft When He Clocks in For Meetings

This employee was accused of committing wage theft when they clocked in for “hour-long” meetings. As commenters have noted, there is wage theft happening here, but the boss is confused about who is the one doing the thieving. This thread was trending after it was posted to the r/antiwork subreddit this week and has earned 10k upvotes. The poster, Reddit user u/DannoWhamo, was the one who posted the topic regarding this experience that they had at work. They noted that they were “Tired of spendi…
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TV repairman story, fixes a TV by letting customer think she has chosen the right setting

TV Repairman Pulls a Sneaky On Indecisive Customer, "Fixes" Their TV

It's not stupid if it works.
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not my job moments

"Not My Job" Moments That Could Use Some Work

It's something.
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manager makes mistakes, dishwasher quits and restaurant has to close because dishes pile up

Manager Pushes Their Mistake Onto Dishwasher, Staff Quits, Restaurant Has To Close

A tale as old as employment.
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boss demands room be cleared, everything gets stripped out of it

Boss Has Tantrum And Demands Room Cleared, Gets His Wish

It's what he wanted.
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Monday Memes: 20 Workplace Memes to Battle The Monday Blues (March 14, 2022)

It's time to go back to poor a fresh cup of coffee, small talk with coworkers, and then gear up for another week behind the desk. You've got a long way to go until Friday afternoon rolls around but fear not, there will be plenty in store to keep you occupied this week. Tear through this list of work memes during your first 30-minute bathroom break as you wistfully dream of sunny days at the beach with a cool lemonade in hand. We'd now like to apologize in advance for the atrocity that is about…
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ex husband ghosts and gets found through TV Bill

Cheating Ex-Husband Ghosts, Gets Found When He Racks Up TV Bill In Ex-Wife's Name

That's some bargain detective work right there.
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