Boss demands that their employee take part in a company kart race, and then malicious compliance ensues.

Boss Demands Employee Take Part In Company Kart Race, Malicious Compliance Ensues

So satisfying.
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work relationships workplace daughter Father - 15354373

Bad "Boss-Zilla" Dad Gets A Wake Up Call When His Daughter Singles Him Out

Bad boss dad gets told by his daughter
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A Twitter thread on an infamously clueless intern.

Twitter Thread On An Infamously Clueless Intern

James is a gem.
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boss job work lol funny money vacation - 16073989

Employee Quits After Work Messes With Vacation, Boss Panics While Losing Fistfuls Of Money

Sometimes it's nice seeing upper management squirm just a little bit. This employee posted screenshots of text messages between them and their boss to Imgur in the aftermath of OP's resigning from their position to show why they took such drastic action; it looks like something going on at work was going to force OP out of their vacation, until they decided to just quit and ghost their manager. The text messages are frustrating to read but also a little enjoyable — it seems like they shouldn't…
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12 reddit text images discussion  | thumbnail grey background with text foreground "Posted by u/AQuietBorderline 8 hours ago 5016 "You Will Work This Dangerous Position Without Training" Leads To "Have Fun Talking To The Union" M" "One Saturday afternoon, Dad came into work when George pulled him aside. "I need you to do me a favor, son...the trash compactor is jammed and I need someone to crawl in and unjam it. You're the smallest of us all so it shouldn't be a problem for you."

Dad Recounts Pre OSHA Days, Bamboozles Boss When Told To Perform Dangerous Task Without Training

Crazy times
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12 text based reddit images dog sitter debacle advice | thumbnail image of dog with laundry in mouth "dog sitter doing oodles of laundry,

Dog Sitter Does Oodles Of Laundry, Conflicted Client Seeks Advice On How To Respond

9 loads?!
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funny you had one job fails

32 Times Someone Had One Job And They Couldn't Even Do That

Something is off.
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antiwork corporate work workplace Horrible Bosses - 16045829

People Share the Worst Holiday Bonus They've Ever Received, the Results are Stultifying

A glimpse into the dystopian future that lies ahead.
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reasons people walked out of job interviews

Justified Reasons People Walked Out Of Job Interviews

That's enough of that.
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jokes relatable work Memes coffee funny - 15997957

Coffee Memes For People Who Barely Know What Day It Is

We don't like the idea of being “don't talk to me before I've had my coffee” people. Office-style coffee humor usually sucks. It's also depressing to admit that we need stimulants to have even a semblance of well-being on any given morning. So rather than a wink and a nod and a 20 dollar mug that has an inverse graph of happiness vs coffee drank or whatever, we'd just like to say: “this is not normal, we're sorry, and please don't talk to me until I've had my coffee." Now here are some work mem…
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lady in story drinks free tea all day and gets angry when store closes and she can't use bathroom

Lingering Customer Can't Use Facilities After Close, Throws Tantrum

When it's closed it's closed.
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manager work workplace Horrible Bosses pregnant - 15969797

Unhinged Management Tries to Tell Pregnant Worker That She Must “Wait For Relief” Before Going Into Labour

You're not allowed to be a human if you work in retail.
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work coach says not to help coworkers, gets fired

Employee Told By Coach Not To Help Coworkers, Company Tanks, Coach Gets Fired

When is "stop helping coworkers" a good business move?
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awful employers and bad jobs twitter thread

Twitter Thread: People's Job-Search Nightmares And Unreasonable Bosses

It's wild out there.
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funny memes about working retail jobs | ellesse @ellyellyelly_ *item won't scan* customer: guess 's free then ha ha ha my mind: GUesS iTz fr3E tH3N Ha!!hA! haAhH | Retail workers just trying survive Mariah Carey This isn't meme 's cry help "All Want Christmas is played every fifteen minutes

Retail Memes For The Customer-Weary

Retail is war.
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malicious compliance work Horrible Bosses - 15877125

Clever Warehouse Worker Subverts His Bosses Expectations When He Brings A Massive 900W Speaker Into Work

Hope the boss enjoys listening to the same six songs on repeat.
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