lady in story drinks free tea all day and gets angry when store closes and she can't use bathroom

Lingering Customer Can't Use Facilities After Close, Throws Tantrum

When it's closed it's closed.
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manager work workplace Horrible Bosses pregnant - 15969797

Unhinged Management Tries to Tell Pregnant Worker That She Must “Wait For Relief” Before Going Into Labour

You're not allowed to be a human if you work in retail.
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work coach says not to help coworkers, gets fired

Employee Told By Coach Not To Help Coworkers, Company Tanks, Coach Gets Fired

When is "stop helping coworkers" a good business move?
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Owner of daycare threatens employee and writes them up for discussing their pay

Owner Illegally Writes Up Daycare Worker For "Discussing Salary", Threatens Them if They Talk

What a horrible boss.
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awful employers and bad jobs twitter thread

Twitter Thread: People's Job-Search Nightmares And Unreasonable Bosses

It's wild out there.
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funny memes about working retail jobs | ellesse @ellyellyelly_ *item won't scan* customer: guess 's free then ha ha ha my mind: GUesS iTz fr3E tH3N Ha!!hA! haAhH | Retail workers just trying survive Mariah Carey This isn't meme 's cry help "All Want Christmas is played every fifteen minutes

Retail Memes For The Customer-Weary

Retail is war.
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malicious compliance work Horrible Bosses - 15877125

Clever Warehouse Worker Subverts His Bosses Expectations When He Brings A Massive 900W Speaker Into Work

Hope the boss enjoys listening to the same six songs on repeat.
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customer service frustrating wtf job annoying retail work - 15875077

Retail Memes That Are At Least Better Than Customers

It's a living.
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"you had one job" moments of not properly installed things

36 "You Had One Job" Moments Of Professional Nonconformity

Wow, it's so imperfect.
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surprisingly difficult jobs

Jobs That Look Simple But Are Surprisingly Difficult

Every job is a job because someone else doesn't want to do it.
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company fires employee for drinking tea before paying

Company Fires Employee For Opening 99 Cent Tea Before Paying

That's just cruel.
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company tries to make quitting employee work as much as possible so he quits

Company Tries Tricking Employee Into Working 22 Hours In 36 Hour Frame, Quits

Yeah screw that.
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boss work horrible boss employment - 15813125

Boss Tries to Force Worker to Come in on His Day Off, Backpedals When Guy Quits on the Spot

Sometimes you think you have more power than you actually do.
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12 reddit text images discussion on transaction between contractor and supplier | thumbnail "r/MaliciousCompliance + Join u/snakepeterman · 1d 2 3 S 4 You want the product shipped Next Day Air no matter the cost? Roger that! "

Irate Contractor Feels Unreasonably Duped By Freight Price After Declining Estimate

Take a seat, buddy
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bad mailman is mean to temp, gets proven he's bad at his job and gets fired

Nefarious Mailman Treats Temp Like Garbage, Gets His Career Sabotaged

Revenge is a dish best delivered every day except Sundays.
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boss tries to extend employee on probation but it backfires

Unreasonable Boss Tries To Trap Employee In Probation, Totally Backfires

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