photographer legally takes equipment and runs old company into the ground

Photographer Quits, Uses Loophole To Keep Equipment And Runs Old Company Out Of Town

Absolute devastation.
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cement truck boss loses company money

Idiot Boss Has Cement Truck Drivers Follow Terrible GPS, Loses Company Thousands

Nice one, boss.
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boss orders mural painted in rain, work is destroyed and employees leave

Manager Orders Muralists To Paint In The Rain, Destroys Work, Employees Leave Business Gutted

Good one dude.
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TikTokers Explain Why You Should Run the Other Way When an Employer Says "We're Like a Family"

TikTokers Explain Why You Should Run the Other Way When an Employer Says: "We're Like a Family"

Oh, so there's going to be tons of arguing and there are no holidays off? #ToxicWorkplace
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antiwork manager work workplace Horrible Bosses - 17056005

Manager Demands Workers Pay Missing Money to Balance Till, Internet Bewildered

This manager demanded that the workers present on shift all help to even out the till when it was found to be short $100. The money This thread was posted to the r/antiwork subreddit by Redditor u/52_pickup_limes, one of the employees in the targeted group. They posted the thread, which contained screenshots of the messages from their boss, to the subreddit with the title “Is the store manager allowed to do this?!” Commenters overwhelming answered the call of the titular question and confirmed…
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weird and stupid ways escape room customers tried solving puzzles

Weird And Dumb Ways Customers Tried To Solve Escape Rooms

That will technically get you out of an escape room.
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boss's daughter steals lunch and gets sent to hospital with peanut allergy, boss blames coworker

Boss's Daughter Steals Lunch, Gets Sent To Hospital, Boss Tries Blaming Employee

Of course it's the boss's kid.
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employee story of Karen boss who banned hearing aids

Karen Boss Forbids Employee's Use Of Hearing Aids, Employee Can't Hear Anything, Obviously

Who could have guessed? Not Karen.
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employee brings out hazmat stinky cart when elevator breaks

Broken Elevator Deemed A Non-Priority, Employee Breaks Out Biohazard Stink-Chariot, Becomes A Priority

Weird how that happens.
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camera employee fired

Employee Fired Over Technicality, Takes Back Their Own Property, Leaves Company Nonfunctional

"I'm taking my ball and going home."
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teacher memes

Teaching Memes That Are At Least Better Than Homework

Oh, public schools.
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aita work Tech - 16959493

Misguided Tech Bro Tells Coworker She's Too "Attractive" and "Exotic," Surprised She's Upset

This misguided tech bro attempted to lend a helping hand to a junior female developer and tried to educate her on the reasons why her coworkers were having issues engaging with her. However, he failed to help when his contribution mostly entailed pointing out how “attractive” and “exotic” she was. He then took to the internet, posting on Reddit's r/AITA (Am I the A**hole) subreddit to see whether or not he had been in the wrong for his comments. The internet was squarely against him and went as…
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not my job moments

"You Had One Job" Moments of Occupational Nincompoopery

Lookin' good.
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employee suspended over missing work to put down dog, never returns

Employee Gets Suspended For Taking Time Off To Put His Dog Down, Never Goes Back

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An employee gets a new job and their colleague starts performing poorly in response.

Employee Gets Better Job, Incompetent Nepotism Colleague Can't Pick Up The Slack

Nepotism can really be a pain.
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Karen wants customer fired, bystander steps in and makes Karen look a fool

Karen Demands Fellow Customer Be "Fired", Suited Legend Steps In, Makes Karen Laughing Stock

Take that, Karen.
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