One Step Towards a Cleaner Future

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Chips Aren't the Same Without that Rusty, Smoky Flavor

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Peeing: Hard Mode

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Just Putting Beer Back Into the Kegs

beer recycling is the best sort of recycling
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Have You Ever Been So Drunk?

Drunk guy peeing at a urinal doing a handstand
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Drunks Will Sleep Anywhere

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No One Will Try to Stretch Out Their Bathroom Breaks Now...

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Budget Cuts Always Hit the Bathroom First

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The Pros Have a Sense of Humor

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Hopefully Your Workplace Doesn't Require This Sign

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For the Drunks Who Need a Rest

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Too Drunk to Know the Difference

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Finally, a Goal Even Americans Can Score

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Looks Comfortable Enough

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Maybe They Should Have Phrased That Differently

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There's Always That One Guy

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