Weird cursed toilets that are shaped like other things or just wtf | toilet built inside a large human skull with the bowl looking like a white tongue | row of urinals shaped like nun statues

Wild Toilets of the World

There are too many weird toilets.
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cursed toilet images

34 Awful Toilets to Clog Your World with Cringe

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design fails

25 Moronic Design Failures That Will Make Your Idiot-Senses Tingle

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bathroom graffiti

27 Times Bathroom Graffiti Genius Forever Marked Our Minds

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Stupid Construction Fails

A Further 30 Completely Stupid Construction Fails

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Construction Fails

30 More Totally Idiotic Construction Fails

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FAIL urinal stairs construction concrete disabled sink toilet building sidewalk - 4912389

30 Completely Brainless Construction Fails

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list urinal donald trump UK politics - 966405

The Next Huuuge Trend in UK's Pubs is Pissing All Over American Politics (One Candidate in Particular)

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These Blow Jobs Are a Bit Short Too

FAIL urinal pee bathroom - 8817245184
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This Bar's Urinal is a Wee Bit More Interesting

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If I Fits, I Squats

FAIL urinal bathroom peeing classic - 8797313792
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beer urinal piss - 8600366592
By Hamsterdunce

Men Have Been Asking for This All Their Lives

urinal bathroom funny - 7926145792
By Unknown

It's Harder Than it Looks!

urinal bathroom men vs women - 8012092928
By beernbiccies

Do You Really Want To Be Confident Right Now?

bathroom scary urinal - 4945340672
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Just Focus on Peeing, You'll be Fine

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