No More Sudden Flushes

bathroom flush toilet urinal - 6508775168
Created by Unknown

My Wife Hates It When I Pee in the Shower

bathroom shower toilet urinal - 6452145408
Created by Geesus

Bro, I Gotta Hydrate!

bathroom restroom toilet urinal - 6402816256

There I Fixed It: Time to Fire the Plumber

bathroom bucket out of order plumber there I fixed it urinal - 6361887744
Created by Teseract

There I Fixed It: Whoever Did This, You Should Try Kludging More Often

bathroom Hall of Fame restroom sink there I fixed it toilet urinal - 6320503552

Exhibit On Display for a Limited Time Only

art bathroom doodle drawing graffiti museum restroom urinal - 6304337664

Making Urinals Fun WIN

clever facebook troofax true facts urinal - 6284588288

Putting the Pedal to the Piddle

public restroom bathroom public bathroom restroom toilet urinal - 6296475136
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A Piss-GREAT Idea

bathroom games peeing urinal - 6284483840

The Circle of Life

after 12 bathroom keg restroom toilet urinal - 6253173504

The Urinal for Uteri

urinal - 6253276160

Urinal FAIL

bag pee urinal - 6240599552

Flushin' Roulette

bathroom pee public bathroom restroom urinal urine - 6240427008

Wakka Wakka, Baby

bathroom public bathroom restroom urinal - 6234434304

Fish Bowl FAIL

urinal - 6233241088
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Monday Thru Friday: Well Played, Amsterdam

bathroom g rated monday thru friday peeing restroom urinal - 5953828608

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