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'Quit my job suddenly via email': Worker quits their job because of a bad boss, boss demands they come in and talk face-to-face

Seldom do you quit a job and ever want to go back. It's surprising how the sudden absence of a paycheck removes all desire to set foot there ever again. This is especially true when you quit because of a bad boss or coworker; you would hope never to see them again if you can manage it. When your boss is verbally abusive, going in for one last “face-to-face” discussion is probably the last thing you should do; the last thing you want to do is give them another chance to get in your face or spin…
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'We were now operating on a shoe-string budget so the manager got as much money as they could': Extreme cost saving measure causes costly pricing error

At a certain point, cutting costs to extreme measures will just cost you more in the long run or cause your entire business to fold under its own weight—or both… simultaneously. The short-sighted pursuit of profit is a trap that businesses often fall into—and why not? It's an easy methodology to follow that makes sense and follows logical reasoning: Spend less, earn more. The issue is that you have to spend money to earn money, and not investing in proper resources can cost you more when you ne…
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'Your coworker is a child': Coworker accuses employee of being responsible for having to pay $4,000 for hotel room

The audacity of this coworker to expect reservations to just be made for him.
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'Okay, I quit': Overworked worker denied a raise, immediately quits

Being denied a raise that you've legitimately earned often won't cause you to quit on the spot—but you might wish that you could. Often an organization won't see your contribution from your point of view, you might be coming from the standpoint of your raw productivity, but they're considering the entire weight of the top-heavy organization you've got presiding over you that they think is enabling that productivity to happen (and they have a point.) Plus, they have a standard to set; from their…
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'We weren't doing the $25,000 when you hit 25 years': CEO gifts employees $25K for working 25 years, but employee going on 27 years there gets nothing

Talk about a slap in the face!
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'We will contact our lawyer': Company threatens candidate with legal action after they leave a review of their interview experience

Feedback is important but usually not well received. People generally don't like hearing all of the things that they could have done better; those with overly inflated egos tend to take this especially poorly. Sure, it doesn't feel good, but most of us would take the feedback—maybe apply it, maybe not—and move on from it. Only occasionally recollecting the exchange when the intrusive thoughts move in while trying to go to sleep at night. Rather than doing this, this company decided that they ne…
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'Now I'll miss three [days]': Boss demands sick note for one day off, doctor gives them three more

Sometimes your actions to prevent something can bring it into existence as if you're unknowingly fulfilling a prophecy of your own making. That's what happened to this boss, who attempted to keep their workers from taking sick days by demanding they get a doctor's note only to have the doctor recommend them to take more time off than they would have in the first place. This is a common experience we've all probably had ourselves or witnessed at some point in our working life. A lot of organizat…
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'That is when I lost my job': Employee tasked with making a business plan discovers major discrepancies, gets fired for calling them out

We love a wholesome tale when the underestimated employee surpasses expectations.
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server gets threatened by manager to get fired if she doesn't attended unpaid mandatory 3-hour meeting, employee threatens manager back with reporting him to the labor board for unlawful practice

'If you fire me, I will call the labor board': Manager Tries to Trick Employee Into Attending Unpaid 3-Hr “Mandatory” Meeting, Employee Schools Him on Labor Laws

Why are so many mangers like this? Is it the power struggle they have created themselves? Is it some sort of pride thing? Or are they really just that dumb? If you've ever had THAT kind of manager, then you've thought the same questions. This recently happened for one server when her manager tried to trick her into unpaid work.
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'You are a true asset to the team': Boss rewards employee's extra work with a shady pack of gum

One has to wonder if this was actually a covert message about bad breath. If your manager wanted to reward you for hard work, there are so many better ways in which they could pull this off in a non-humiliating manner. For instance, they could give you a raise (ha! wishful thinking). They could give you some sort of employment perk (ha! also wishful thinking). Ok, well, they don't have to write a handwritten note and a pack of gum! In fact, the handwritten note on its own might have been a perf…
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'I took another job': Plumber quits without notice for massive pay increase after boss denies them a raise

Realizing you're being paid far less than you're actually worth is stultifying. Suddenly, everything you do at work becomes an impossible burden as the weight of that knowledge brings you down. You can't help but wonder how long your employer has been knowingly capitalizing off this discrepancy and whether they've been laughing behind your back the entire time as they count the money they're saving on your paycheck.
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'Coworker got sued and then sued the company': Boss refuses to let employee see his sick mother, employee retaliates, causing lawsuit

This boss's comeuppance had to have been a triumphant experience for the whole office.
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'No, sorry. Not the best time': Employee asked to contribute to multiple coworkers' birthday gifts despite never receiving his own gift

We give a lot of ourselves to our jobs... but gifts for our coworkers' birthdays? That is certainly not part of our contracts. This employee, who shared his story on Reddit , received two back-to-back emails about contributing to two separate coworkers' birthday gifts. This was especially annoying and bothersome considering the fact that he had never received a birthday gift of his own despite having worked at the company for over three years. Talk about a low blow! Personally, I'm a big fan of…
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'They refused to believe I had left': Worker leaves their job of 10 years after getting passed up for promotion in favor of a person they trained

There's nothing better than loving your job—there's nothing harder than the dawning realization that you're going to have to leave. We all get surprisingly comfortable with our routine—it's just something in our nature. Branching out into uncertainty feels risky, making us shudder at the thought of trying new things. Companies—rather, the people who run them—are the same way, and for that reason, they will be more likely to leave you in your role if it means less change and less new uncertainty…
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'We want to ask you to delete this comment': Job candidate leaves honest review about interview experience, CEO claps back and gets lawyer involved

This review could not have been more measured. Perhaps that's what made the CEO so upset.
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'Coworker talks to herself as well as inanimate objects': 10+ bizarre coworker stories

We have all had that one coworker...
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