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'The questions on these applications are wild': Employer asks if job applicants are willing to wait nearly six months to get paid, internet reacts

We've seen some ludicrous red flags on job applications, but this one is too far.
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No sick days. | I am sicker than yesterday. I need rest. No don't say that.

'No. Don't say that.': Employee tries to call out sick, manager begs them to come in

It's a sure sign that you need to accept your team is understaffed when you reach the point that you can't afford to have one single worker call out sick.
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Was asked to take a “lateral”promotion

'I turned in my notice': Employee offered promotion, later told that it's a 'lateral promotion' that comes with a $1 raise, quits

Being recognized for a job well done is essential for continued motivation — but every one of us would probably also like to be compensated for our extra generated value.
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'I'm losing my sanity': Worker expresses frustration about their "office prankster" coworker, sparking online discussion

Being embroiled in an ongoing prank war sounds like a lot of fun—until you find yourself in one. It turns out there's not much that's desirable about constantly being on edge, wondering when the next strike will happen, especially when that strike is likely to come at the most inconvenient time. This is doubly true when you didn't consent to partake in the prank war, to begin with, and it always seems to come from that one clueless coworker who thinks they're hilarious despite being merely obno…
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Update! 'My old GM has been trying to contact me on every social platform': Employee quits, boss won't stop trying to get her back

You don't know what you've got till your employee's gone! This general manager refuses to give up after their former employee quit the team. Now, it's far too late for this, the negotiation process is long gone, and it's clear that the GM is only just realizing how much work the Redditor contributed to the team. In fact, it's more than clear that the team is completely lost without her. Well, someone has got to inform this adult that cyberstalking is not the way to bring back a former employee.…
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'He responded by adding more workload': Worker quits when boss gives them more work after they complain about their workload

Having too much work to do and unrealistic expectations from your superiors about that work is a surefire way to make you hate your job—and your entire existence. This will usually happen in some sort of toxic workplace environment where middle managers have been selected and promoted on their willingness to enforce any policy they're told to rather than on any actual skills in operations, administration, or management. These middle managers are more than willing to pass any pressure placed on…
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'We don't have to let you guys take tips': Manager participates in tip pool, employees band together to retaliate

This manager may not understand the concept of generosity.
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The startup I worked at laid me off and is refusing to send me my final paycheck unless I sign an NDA. I'm pretty fed up that they haven't paid me in nearly three weeks, so I forwarded the emails to every company stakeholder.

'I would like to be paid immediately': CEO tries to withhold former employee's final paycheck until they sign an NDA

If this isn't the problem with startup culture, I don't know what is!
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‘Boss demands fauxductivity’: Employee reprimanded for being efficient, boss requires more work for same pay

It’s pretty remarkable how often one has to shout into the echo chamber of the Internet that if the work gets done properly, nothing else should matter. Yet this employee found himself shamed by his employer for daring to get his work done efficiently. It seems that his coworkers complete the same daily tasks over the course of the full 8-hour work day, while this guy manages to complete all his tasks correctly in half that time. One would think that if this employee were tasked with more respo…
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'My boss cancelled my interview': Worker quits when boss interferes with their internal promotion interview

Interviewing for a new role within a company or an internal promotion has its benefits, especially when compared to a normal interview process. For one, you'll typically already be at least somewhat familiar with the manager of the workgroup you're interviewing for, which means that they, in turn, have some knowledge of you and the work that you do. This means that you don't have to blindly convince a stranger of your qualities and capabilities like you would in a normal interview—playing the f…
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'Boss is forcing everyone to come in on a Sunday': Manager schedules mandatory 'deep clean' on the weekend, pays in cash for extra hours

Something shady this way comes.
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'More money': Employee gives honest feedback to HR for mandatory work survey

Something tells me this is not what HR was hoping for.
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'Be a team player': Boss calls employee replaceable and demands they come in on their day off, backpedals when they quit

The illusion of power is absolutely real.
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'Anyone can do it, but...': Job candidate boldly calls out CEO's unrealistic expectations for role

Interviewing for a new job can be tough, especially when the employer has unreasonable expectations about the job they're hiring for. Common examples of this will be wildly unmatched desired levels of experience versus compensation on offer or an advertised position that has just too many duties for one person to reasonably attend to. This usually means that the job is a non-starter and not worth pursuing. The employer is constantly going to be disappointed by the tasks that aren't being comple…
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Yeah, no. | Worker quits after boss lies and says they didn't approve their leave

'Also, I quit': Boss pretends they didn't approve worker's leave and demands they come in, worker quits in viral post

The leave approval process exists for one reason and one reason only: To ensure that workers have a proper guarantee and assurance that they will be able to be absent on the submitted dates before spending money and making social commitments. It's a rather simple process, black and white, really; can the employee take leave or not? Yes or no? Well, this manager decided to introduce a whopping massive grey area into the middle of “Yes” or “No” by first saying yes, forgetting they had approved th…
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'I got fired for being sick': Employee gets fired for ER visit, boss loses customers

Here's a classic story of a boss acting out of line and getting her comeuppance.
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