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'[He was] SUPER EFFICIENT and a valuable asset': Programmer fired for underperformance despite being the most productive, but quietest, on the team

You're not always going to agree with every decision your workplace makes… and it's especially gutting when that decision is to fire a well-liked coworker over stupid workplace politics. Maybe they got on the wrong side of one of the bosses, maybe they didn't support a foolish new direction or initiative, or maybe they were just the sacrificial lamb to make everyone sweat a little bit to keep them as productive as possible and keep them toeing the line. The fact is that watching a coworker get…
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'If you're able to crawl to your desk, you should be at work': Employee compiles list of problematic quotes from management for exit interview

A good rule of thumb if you know you're eventually going to quit your job: keep a list of all the so-called "questionable" moments.
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What is the worst holiday gift an employer has given to you.

15+ People share the worst holiday gifts they ever received from an employer

Ah, the holiday season — a time of year best spent with loved ones over amazing meals and through the sharing of thoughtful gifts. Holiday daydreams often take you to a place beside a roaring fire, wrapped in a thick woolen blanket — its surprising weight offering a welcome embracing comfort. A warm beverage of choice in hand or in arm's reach (Irish hot chocolate for me, please) completes the mood. It should be no surprise to any of us that these holiday ideals, moods, and traditions just don’…
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Job Applicant Undergoes Four Rounds of Interviews and Free Labor Only To Be Rejected

It's time to talk about all the free work people have to complete in order to just be considered for a job.
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'I [...] demanded that my boyfriend’s boss refunds me': Boss makes woman's boyfriend cancel vacation plans, she makes his boss pay her

This woman clearly really needs this vacation.
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'Your boss is never your friend': Employee resigns professionally, boss gets petty, rejects personal letter twice

There are some bosses in this world who decide when things are personal and when it's “just business” whenever the situation is convenient for them. That seems to be the case with this toxic supervisor, who did not take his employee's resignation well at all. In fact, he claimed to have found out about her accepting a competitive offer a few weeks ago. and threw shade at how she waited to inform him of her resignation until after she collected her bonus. Dude, that's what anyone would have done…
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'You look like a tattoo parlor experiment gone wrong': Tone-deaf job posting includes long list of demands, internet reacts

Needless to say, you should probably not apply to this one!
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'We prefer workers who sit at desks in chairs': Candidate with back problems gets kicked out of Zoom interview because he wasn't sitting at a desk

We've all been given radio silence from recruiters before, but this is a new level of savage ghosting from a potential employer. This thread was posted to Reddit's r/antiwork subreddit by u/DentistThink4578 , who opened up about a horrible Zoom interview experience he had recently. The original poster has serious back problems that make sitting in an office chair hard to do (hence, the need to work remotely). During the interview, he set up his laptop on a lap desk and used a neutral background…
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'Why can't you work an extra hour?': Red flags fly as restaurant manager asks student worker to stay late twice in his first week

Sounds like this student needs to run, not walk, to another job!
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'My boss stole my bag': Boss throws away employee's bag, employee goes to HR, HR sides with boss

You know there's a problem at your workplace when HR sides with a thief!
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Effective Immediately: All staff must leave their cell phones on and make themselves available when not on shift

Viral thread, 'Consider yourself on call': Employer demands employees leave their personal phones on and be contactable at all hours to come into work

The best part of the working day is when you sign off and go home; I don't care how much you love your job… there are no exceptions here. Once you've put in your 8, or 9, (or even 10) hours, you're finally free to return to your humble abode, decompress… and start doing personal chores and obligations. Thanks to the modern workday, there's very little time to get all the things done that you'd like to at home; I'm sure each of us has several projects that we've been putting off due to constrain…
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'11pm is NOT the appropriate time': Employer follows up with job candidate in the middle of the night, candidate withdraws application

Imagine this guy becoming your boss!
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'The questions on these applications are wild': Employer asks if job applicants are willing to wait nearly six months to get paid, internet reacts

We've seen some ludicrous red flags on job applications, but this one is too far.
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No sick days. | I am sicker than yesterday. I need rest. No don't say that.

'No. Don't say that.': Employee tries to call out sick, manager begs them to come in

It's a sure sign that you need to accept your team is understaffed when you reach the point that you can't afford to have one single worker call out sick.
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Was asked to take a “lateral”promotion

'I turned in my notice': Employee offered promotion, later told that it's a 'lateral promotion' that comes with a $1 raise, quits

Being recognized for a job well done is essential for continued motivation — but every one of us would probably also like to be compensated for our extra generated value.
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'I'm losing my sanity': Worker expresses frustration about their "office prankster" coworker, sparking online discussion

Being embroiled in an ongoing prank war sounds like a lot of fun—until you find yourself in one. It turns out there's not much that's desirable about constantly being on edge, wondering when the next strike will happen, especially when that strike is likely to come at the most inconvenient time. This is doubly true when you didn't consent to partake in the prank war, to begin with, and it always seems to come from that one clueless coworker who thinks they're hilarious despite being merely obno…
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