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'I do not schedule interviews for candidates who are currently employed': HR shows true colors with bogus hiring policy, internet reacts

We all know that employers can be ruthless during the hiring process, but this hiring manager made it clear just how ruthless they can be.
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'I quit.' Manager quits after lazy Karen subordinate reports him to HR

It's incredibly frustrating when someone in your workplace gets away with downright obscene behavior, and no one is doing a thing about it. You might think that that's what the HR department is for, but in a lot of organizations, they're content to sit on their hands and let the worst offenders get away with anything but murder—just as long as they don't have to deal with any conflict or rocking boats. As a manager, this can present an incredibly difficult problem; you can be as accommodating a…
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'My manager is too lazy... AITA for snapping [at him]?': Retail assistant manager lays down the law with store manager, gets praised by Redditors for standing up for herself and her employees

There's nothing like working a really demanding job and not getting support from your manager. It really just puts the salt directly to the wound, doesn't it? If you have ever worked retail, then you know exactly how demanding it is. The actual work you do for the store, like restock, organizing, etc. isn't the hard part. The most difficult part is dealing with the customers and, let's be honest, your coworkers. If you don't have a team that can work together, then you are going to fail. That b…
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'[Four] years after they fired me!' Employer threatens to sue worker for their passwords years after firing them

It's amazing the lengths that people will go to place blame on anything but themselves, especially when that person is an old employer seeking to blame you for their own mistakes. It's no secret that, after you leave a toxic workplace, everything will be blamed on you—but this company has taken it to another level. This worker, Redditor u/NimboStratusSuck shared their story to Reddit's popular r/antiwork subreddit, claiming to have been contacted by a previous employer who was seeking to get cr…
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'IT for this company are not the brightest': IT ignores print company's problem orders

Problems don't solve themselves!
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‘I’ve emailed people. NOTHING’: Guy with no manager and no work to do has been getting paid for 7 months and counting

This may sound like the beginning of a dystopian film, but this is actually real. This employee was hired back in the fall for a large company and has since found himself with no manager, no oversight, and most importantly, no work to do. He has asked for assignments and has kept a log of emails proving his efforts to get more work, but he is convinced at this point that he’s just lost in the shuffle. The best part of it all, though, is that he has still been getting paid for 7 months and count…
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Top Toxic Workplace Stories of the Week (March 19, 2023)

The number of toxic workplaces these days might exceed infinity, but these are some of the more shocking ones we've seen this week.
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'She nagged at me in front of the whole office': Boss refuses to let employee use headset in the office, employee maliciously complies and plays audio at full volume

Some bosses should be very careful about what they demand.
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'End of discussion, do you understand me?': New boss throws tantrum at employee for executing task without the OK, employee malicious complies and gets boss fired

There's nothing like a boss who turns out to be too prideful to acknowledge when they've made a huge mistake.
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'Should I take his advice?': Boss rudely suggests worker quits over scheduling change, employee considers it

Give some people even a shred of power, and they will preside with an iron fist… devoid of any sense of justice except the whims of their own stupid ego. They'll generally not be overly concerned with anyone else's needs or wants. All is well—just as long as they have their own way. There's nothing inherently wrong with having to make changes to a schedule or roster; as a manager, that's just part of the job. Still, there are ways to do it and ways not to do it if you care a shred about the peo…
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'Only a week notice?': Boss tries to guilt employee into staying longer, employee retaliates and decides to leave that day

The best way to get someone to do what you want is certainly not to insult them.
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chick-fil-a debate on how much they pay

Video of Chick-Fil-A Employees Literally Running Orders to Cars Goes Viral, Sparks Debate About Unfair Pay Wages

Sure, it's called “fast food," but at what cost to the employees??
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'Bin everything in this room? You got it boss': Workers comply to rampaging boss's shortsighted demands

Sometimes you have to wonder what someone was thinking when they made a decision like this, but the reality is that they probably weren't thinking at all. We've all had a boss like this: the type who blows their top over nothing and with no warning at all. Who knows why they ended up like this, but for some reason, they have a stunted emotional regulation. Just the path in life they took, I suppose. Still, one just wonders. Wonders how it reached the point where their only gratification on this…
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'AITA for asking my girlfriend to leave the house for 6-7 hours a day?': Dude gets roasted for forcing girlfriend out of their shared home with terrible reasoning

When you decide to take the leap and share your life with another person… actually share it with them. Don't do what this jerk boyfriend did and kick them out of the house, baring them from their own home so that your friends can sit in their favorite chair and hang out with you while they're on the outside looking in. Instead, be inclusive and seek to share time, love, and desires with them. This dude got roasted for forcing his recently-jobless girlfriend out of their shared home so that he c…
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'[They] didn't want to pay me a fair wage': Horrifically underpaid IT guy leaves and costs the company $40 Million

This underpaid IT professional waited years for fair treatment from his bosses. The work doubled and then tripled, but the pay never reflected his efforts. He wouldn't prove how essential he was to the company until he left… and cost them $40 Million. Redditor u/slw_motion_trainwrck shared this story on the r/antiwork subreddit. u/slw_motion_trainwrck's story centers on their experience working for a factory in the Southern United States. The factory was based in "a very small farming town of a…
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'I accept your termination': Viral texts show immature boss flipping out after demanding unlimited worker availability for an already released schedule

This worker shared a lengthy exchange that occurred between themselves and their boss over availability to cover shifts for an already published roster. Things started off rocky, with the boss sending passive-aggressive and immature responses to the young worker's level-headed reasoning. It wasn't long before the conversation escalated into threats of termination. The fact that the worker appears to be a minor makes the conversation that much worse; the fact that the boss's lack of maturity is…
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