"There is no such thing as a day off"

'There is no such thing as a day off': Hypocrite manager demands employee cover shift on day off, but won't discuss sick leave on their own day off

Some people are blindly ignorant to the irony of their own existence. How could anyone send those texts — in that order — and think to themself, “Gee, what a wonderfully competent and enlightened being I am.”
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Owner prohibits drive through employees from wearing jackets during cold winter months

Viral Thread: 'We look sloppy': Employer forbids employees from wearing coats while working drive through window, doesn't consider just providing coats as uniform

Those working in retail and service are no strangers to discomfort and, often times it can seem like employer's make it intentionally so.
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New Job Bait and Switch | I worked for a national home improvement store (the blue one). When I interviewed, I applied for the sales position in plumbing (no longer exists). It was Monday - Friday, 9-5, with a commission program. Since I had years of plumbing experience, I was offered the job. The day I started I was told the sales job went to an internal promotion, only thing they could offer me was 'part time'. Lower hourly rate, n

'New job bait and switch': Home improvement store hires electrician to plumbing department over actual plumber, this goes exactly as expected

There are certain things in life that just make sense: Like hiring a plumber to help in your plumbing department and an electrician for the electrical department. Well, this mysteriously nameless “home improvement store” got their wires crossed when this manager decided to nepotistically appoint an electrician to the full-time plumbing department that they had just hired a plumber to work in. When the plumber came to start their full-time job… they were told by the manager that they actually ha…
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They lied about my job, so I quit on during my shift today 2 months in

'They lied [...] so I quit': Recruiter lies about new hire's job duties and working arrangement, new hire quits

Working relationships are built on mutual trust — so why are so many recruiters determined to start things off with deceit?
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My manager told us in a team meeting that our branch director asked that, from now on, every employee should eat lunch and spend lunch time in the lunch break room with everyone else. They have not made this mandatory, but it was basically implied that we need to comply to avoid being excluded from the team socially.

'We need to comply to avoid being excluded': Team leader implies required lunch break location to promote synergy and "cohesion"

Sometimes it's not about the words being spoken; it's about the implication . When your boss suggests a singular place where you should take your lunch break, claims it's not a requirement but goes on to imply that you'll be disadvantaged in the workplace if you disagree… well, you don't really have a choice — do you?
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Boss told me at the last minute about "mandatory" overtime that he made up because he was mad two of my co-workers called off that day. I missed one day that week, first day in almost a year

'Clock out and go home then': Boss demands mandatory made-up overtime, fires worker and her boyfriend when she refuses

This vindictive a-hole of a boss saw fit to mandate surprise overtime when they came to the conclusion that their employees had missed too much work. Sure, it's understandable that they were feeling some stress and pressure while looking at the loss of man-hours for the week. There were probably some slumping numbers and unfinished tasks that were contributing to their impulse to pick up the phone. But, as adults and professionals, it's important that we control our impulses; there will always…
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'Be a team player': Boss calls employee replaceable and demands they come in on their day off, backpedals when they quit

The illusion of power is absolutely real.
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Effective Immediately: All staff must leave their cell phones on and make themselves available when not on shift

Viral thread, 'Consider yourself on call': Employer demands employees leave their personal phones on and be contactable at all hours to come into work

The best part of the working day is when you sign off and go home; I don't care how much you love your job… there are no exceptions here. Once you've put in your 8, or 9, (or even 10) hours, you're finally free to return to your humble abode, decompress… and start doing personal chores and obligations. Thanks to the modern workday, there's very little time to get all the things done that you'd like to at home; I'm sure each of us has several projects that we've been putting off due to constrain…
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This is how my husband’s GM speaks to him and the other managers..

'The incompetence MUST STOP!': GM writes insane email to management team

It is simply HARD to believe that people would think THAT COMMUNICATING like this to their staff is in the SLIGHTEST bit effective or acceptable!
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NO paid over time ? No worries |  Come payday my friend asks the boss where's the overtime pay. He gets the reply " we don't pay overtime anymore."  My friend replies" sure but remember I don't work for free"  The next day it comes knock off time and my friend is about an hour from the milk plant with a full load of milk.

'You can't do that': Company says no overtime, tanker driver threatens to abandon full load on side of road

Sometimes dealing with management is like dealing with a toddler: You can't just tell them their ideas are bad; you need to apply a negative stimulus — resulting from the idea itself — that shows them why their idea is bad. Trying to simply explain something to either a toddler or a manager is going to get you nowhere — and probably trigger an emotionally deregulated tantrum. That's what this tanker driver decided to do when their manager flat out told them that they weren't going to be paid fo…
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Fired after 7 years | Worker fired after attempting to give their two week's notice, former employer then reaches out to them again

Update: 'This morning I woke up to several texts': Company fires worker for giving two week's notice, then has the nerve to contact them asking for help

The act of giving notice is one of mutual trust — especially when the worker isn't protected by an agreement or local law. The worker is showing their employer a sign of goodwill by allowing them the time to prepare other workers, maintain continuity, and execute a proper handover. The problem with giving notice is it's also like a breakup — “It's not you, it's me. I've just… Found someone else.” — and all too often, emotionally-stunted owners and middle managers take it exactly as such. This l…
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Take my tips and pay me below minimum wage. See what happens!

'I believe it came out to a little under 100k': Company cheats delivery driver out of tips, has to backpay all former employees and pay fines

There will always be employers out there who think that they can step on the little guy's toes while dipping their hand into their wallet in order to turn a profit. In reality, if you can't manage to make a business profitable in an honest way, it's probably a good sign that you shouldn't be in business at all. This college guy worked for a delivery company that insisted on taking a percentage of driver's tips under the guise of covering operating costs. This happened even if the employees then…
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Yeah, no. | Worker quits after boss lies and says they didn't approve their leave

'Also, I quit' Boss pretends they didn't approve worker's leave and demands they come in, worker quits in viral post

The leave approval process exists for one reason and one reason only: To ensure that workers have a proper guarantee and assurance that they will be able to be absent on the submitted dates before spending money and making social commitments. It's a rather simple process, black and white, really; can the employee take leave or not? Yes or no? Well, this manager decided to introduce a whopping massive grey area into the middle of “Yes” or “No” by first saying yes, forgetting they had approved th…
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waitress lists every traumatic experience she's had while working in the service industry

'Moments from working in the service industry that altered my brain chemistry': Server recounts every toxic experience she's had as a restaurant employee

If you've ever worked in a restaurant then you know chaos lives there. Whether it's working along toxic managers and coworkers or having to deal with entitled Karen customers—it's unavoidable in the service industry.
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Places like this are the first ones to complain about nObOdY wAnTiNg tO wOrK

'Find your own replacement!': Ridiculous handwritten viral workplace posters and their stupid rules draw the ire of the internet

What is it with workplaces and stupid rules? Every workplace has at least one, whatever it may be…
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How "I don't listen to women" ended in unemployment

'The manager [...] didn't want [him] to even finish the shift': Misogynist coworker insists he doesn't listen to women, ends up unemployed also

It shouldn't be all that hard to behave like a reasonable and rational human individual — right? Like it's not that difficult to get up in the morning and put on your business persona and treat other people with the slightest amount of respect. Sure, there might be a deep fire of eternal rage burning somewhere deep inside you for the sheer disappointment that adult life holds — the field of your future littered with broken promises and unrealized dreams — but that doesn't mean that it's ok to t…
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