Funny and relatable memes about working blue collar jobs

Funniest Blue Collar Memes From This Week That Are So Spot-On Only Real Blue Collar Workers Can See the OSHA Violations (September 28, 2022)

I bet you're laughing at these without even wearing your PPE...
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Solid Blue Collar Memes From This Week That Are So Funny They’re Probably Violating Some OSHA Regulation (Sept. 20, 2022)

DON'T violate OSHA; DO laugh to these memes.
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Solid 40 Blue Collar Memes That Are So Funny They're Probably Violating Some OSHA Regulation

40 Solid Blue Collar Memes That Are So Funny They’re Probably Violating Some OSHA Regulation

What OSHA doesn't know can't hurt them! Unless someone from OSHA is reading this, then that was a joke...
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funny low budget engineering solutions | red car with just the door replaced by a silver one with the word "red" written on it | be chilling while all yall are sweating this season lawnmower with a built in air conditioner

Low Budget DIY Engineering Solutions

Looks like it works.
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low budget Do-it-yourself engineering | fixing a broken headlamp in a car with a bottle of coke | cleaning roof drainage pipes with an extra tall leaf blower

Masterful Low Budget DIY Solutions

It's not stupid if it works.
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Bad and funny DIY solutions | Tugboat sandbox boat person floating in a small boat | shower head attached to a water container hanging on the wall

Bad But Impressive Budget Engineering Solutions

People are resourceful.
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low budget fixes and diy solutions | Alright everyone Let this sink moment car gear stick replaced with a glass bathroom knob | pipe with holes poked in it as a shower head

Low Budget Solutions and Fixes

It's not stupid if it works. Okay it might be really stupid.
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Funny low budget do it yourself fixes and creations | filling up a pool with water from a rain gutter installed on a roof | shaving blades attached to broken plastic forks

Low Budget Fixes and DIY Solutions

It might be an ugly or bad idea, but it still works.
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Dumb guy returning cabinet doors thinks the plastic covering is the door itself | r/TalesFromRetail Posted by u/esotericality 27 days ago My cabinet doors have COMPANY NAME written all over them Short This happened worked at well-known furniture store few years ago see livid customer coming up Returns counter. He's got bunch cabinet doors with him and greeted by my colleague.

Angry Customer Thinks Cabinets are Blue, Employee Peels off Covering

Nice one.
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People tell stories of times they saw every day items extremely misused.

Extreme Misuses Of Everyday Items People Witnessed

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customer service bros server revenge work tools restaurant bill expensive liquor funny rude money stupid check - 8945413

Tools Rack Up Boss's Tab, in turn Boss Has Them Pay Their Own $3K Check

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kids tools parenting power tools lol laughing funny power - 98691841

Kid Picks Up Leaf Blower And Starts Displaying Supervillain Tendencies

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funny diy solutions

32 DIY "Solutions" People Had for Life's Many Problems

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safety failures

29 Safety Failures That Would Give OSHA Nightmares

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inedible forbidden snacks you shouldn't eat

25+ Delicious Looking Things That Are Not for Eating

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pumpkins technology tools - 455430

Guy Uses Modified Electric Pumpkin Carver To Pick Several Locks In A Matter Of Seconds

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