funny auto correct text fails

25 Outrageous Autocorrect Fails to make you LOL | Cheezburger

When our phones just don't work for us.
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A choosy beggar doesn't understand how charities works, and then proceeds to lash out about it.

Choosy Beggar Doesn't Understand How Charities Work, Lashes Out

Wow man, get out of here with that noise.
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A choosy beggar sends a series of enraged, completely clueless messages to a tattoo artist.

Entitled Customer Threatens Tattoo Parlor With Nasty Review, Tattoo Parlor Beats Them To It

Oh boy, they handled that beautifully.
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A dense choosing beggar won't grasp the meaning of rejection.

Dense Choosy Beggar Won't Grasp Meaning Of Rejection

Keep up, my dude.
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A choosing beggar expects a family to move out of their house for the week.

Choosy Beggar Expects Family To Move Out Of House For The Week

Absolutely absurd.
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Scammer pretends to be dude's neighbor, so dude wastes scammer's time. t

Scammer Pretends To Be Man's Neighbor, Man Wastes Scammer's Time

Gave them a righteous taste of their own medicine.
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Girl ends up letting complete stranger use the restroom in her house.

Girl Lets Perfect Stranger Into Home To Use Restroom, Gets Called Out

Yeah, not a bright idea at all.
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An interesting Tumblr post that provides helpful information on how to

Informative Tumblr Post On Proper Texting Etiquette With Blind People

Leave out those emojis.
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An entitled influencer expects a haircut for cheap | saw post on twitter hair and 's really pretty much Hi is do something similar 20:06 Hey costs £120 includes cost my trip place. 20:08 's pretty much. Can pay £50 though? 20:10 No 50 is too low can do 100 though just bc one her friends referred and she says 20:12 W

Entitled "Influencer" Expects Haircut For Cheap

Oh dear.
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A wrong number text evolves into conversation about infidelity.

Girl Texts Wrong Number About Cheating Boyfriend

What a messy situation.
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Scammer "CEO" unknowingly gets trolled and ends up wasting their time | Hi Paul conference right now, can't talk but let know if get my text CEO Hey Bruce got Let know free and l'l| make myself available

Scammer "CEO" Gets Unknowingly Trolled

Precious time wasted.
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Choosing beggar stages a meltdown over not being able to haggle down price of blanket.

Relentless Choosing Beggar Haggles Over Blanket

My dude, it's not going to work out.
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An entitled influencer thinks that exposure is equivalent to payment. | Hey manager messaging earlier telling were looking hand drawn portrait? yeah can start cos need this ASAP

Entitled "Influencer" Thinks Exposure's Payment

Nope, that's not how it works.
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A funny Tumblr thread on different texting tones based on generation people are born in. | averagefairy old people really need leam text accurately mood they're trying represent like my boss texted wondering my semester is over so she can start scheduling more hours and like my finals are done 15th! And she texts back "Yay fuck am supposed interpret besides passive aggressive runawaymarbles Someone needs do linguistic study on people over 50 and they use ellipsis s FASCINATING never know mood

Tumblr Users Explain Older Generations' Confusing Texts

They don't mean to sound passive aggressive.
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Good friends use technology to make an earth sandwich by placing slices of bread on the ground on different ends of the world | harrisoncorboy OO wanna make earth sandwich live Australia or New Zealand? Australia Do have piece bread?

Mates Use Technology To Make An Earth Sandwich

Beautiful things happen when people work together.
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Employer thinks they're above the law and an employee shows them otherwise. | Arthur need come on Sunday Try Jesus.please don't try don't understand are lead engineer Try Jesus..please don't try Cus are talking about, are coming or not Try Jesus..please don't try Cus

Boss Thinks They're Above The Law, Man Shows Them Otherwise

People just love to get mad at someone else.
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