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Karen complains to IT, tantrum gets recorded

Karen Freaks Out On IT Over Standard Procedure, Whole Call Gets Recorded

Good one, Karen.
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antiwork tech support manager malicious compliance IT guy Horrible Bosses work reform - 16514053

Company Undervalues IT Guy Until He Leaves, Beg Him to Come Back

A lesson in appreciating your employees.
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tech support revenge doctor petty revenge Tech - 16503813

Dirty Doctor Discharged For Doing Depraved Deeds, Caught By Clever IT Trap

He got baited by the master.
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IT employee has flash drive smashed because of security mix up

Incompetence Turns IT's 15 minute Job Into Paid Time Off

Well, coulda gone worse.
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work email IT story

IT Head Steals Coveted Email Address, Can't Handle Responsibility, Gets Canned

Ya can't have it all.
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ask reddit tech support manager malicious compliance workplace Horrible Bosses Tech - 16317445

Boss Tells Tech Support That They Need to Increase Sales "No Exceptions", So They Sell Everything Possible to Boss' Dad

At least the dad is a happy customer!
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antiwork tech support manager great resignation workplace Horrible Bosses Tech big quit - 16266245

System Programmer Gets Written-Up For Using Words His Boss Doesn't Understand

What a tempestuous and pusillanimous individual.
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A customer believes that her computer never needs to be charged, and then tech support intervenes to clear up the matter.

Customer Believes Computer Never Needs To Be Charged, Tech Support Intervenes

That would be pretty cool.
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boss security wtf tech support lol ridiculous dumb idiots laptop stupid - 15904517

Upper Management Gets Laptop Stolen, Doesn't Understand How That's A Security Risk

How does this guy still have a job.
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terrible moments of tech support gore

Technological Gore To Give The IT People Nightmares

How could they.
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IT guy responds to ticket, a machine is stuck on and the gas inside could explode | Posted by u/Rusty99Arabian 1 day ago 2 34 Explosive Gas story Short Or one time had Priority 1 (multiple lives threatened) support ticket worked at number universities, where pay is bad and clients have unusually weird problems. One day ticket came at 4 PM on Friday, stating user's monitor wasn't working our furthest building, which due bus route inefficiencies, would be 3 mile round trip walk. And, our boss had

IT Guy Learns Machine Is Stuck On In "Explode" Setting

Is there any way of preventing this?
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Woman complains that her computer keeps losing her files, and learns she's been deleting them.

Woman Complains About Computer Losing Files, Realizes She's Been Deleting Them

And that's a glorious whoops.
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An angry customer refuses to cooperate with tech support, and makes threats | r/talesfromtechsupport Join u/KrazeeLadee2 256d not restarting my modem! l'd sooner drive full 175 miles HQ punch Long Soooooo among literally thousands calls had my 4 years tech support an ISP, this guy really took cake apotheosis all those calls most infuriating yet hindsight) hilarious call ever had my life. He came on fairly quiet Saturday morning, and conversation started quite normally Good morning, this is

Belligerent Customer Won't Cooperate With Tech Support

Would've taken him 30 seconds.
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A man assumes that his computer will work during a power outage.

Man Assumes Computer Will Work During Power Outage

Missed the mark just a bit there, man.
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CIO Karen buys the wrong software, won't admit it, pays 5x the service hours needed, and ends up getting fired.

CIO Karen Buys Wrong Software, Won't Admit It, Pays 5X Service Hours Needed, Gets Fired

Karen's stubbornness was her ultimate undoing.
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funny wholesome work story

The Wholesome Tale Of A Coworker Getting One Over On Old Joe

Now that's a healthy workspace.
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