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wholesome tech support story helps woman who didn't have TV box installed for over a year

Wholesome Tech Support Helps Lady Who's Been Brushed Off For A Full Year

Doing the lord's work.
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tech support FAIL technology ridiculous dumb stupid - 15339013

Tech Support Employee Expects Speakerless Computer To Make Noise

Might be time for a hot pivot into a new job.
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Customer assumes that their packages are missing the necessary dongles multiple times.

Oblivious Customer Repeatedly Asks For "Missing " USB Dongle, It's Always Been There

Three times with the same nonsense though.
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funny memes about computers, IT and tech

Relatable IT Memes For The Technologically Minded

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A tech support tale about an angry customer berating tech support, asking for different technician, and then getting humbled.

Customer Berates Technician, Gets Humbled Quickly

Oh, that must've been indescribably satisfying.
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A caller tries to get tech support to help them commit tax fraud, and fails miserably.

Caller Tries To Get Tech Support To Help Commit Tax Fraud, Fails Miserably

What a goof.
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funny story woman demands an exabyte of email data storage

Angry Lady Demands One Billion GB Of Email Storage

That is a whole lot of cat pictures.
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A wine company mislabels their company number, and then a storm of wrong number calls ensues.

Wine Magazine Mislabels Company Number, Storm Of Wrong Numbers Ensues

Truly, what are the odds.
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guy at company wants computer that doesn't exist

Coworker Demands Mathematically Impossible Computer, Gets Proven Incompetent

Don't want to listen to the expert? Alright.
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A student doesn't understand how the mouse works, so a tech support nightmare ensues.

Student Doesn't Understand How Mouse Works, Tech Support Nightmare Ensues

Honestly, just at a loss for words.
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employee gets access by submitting hundreds of tickets to IT

Employee Denied Database Access, Happily Submits Hundreds Of Tickets

"Hey man, if that's how you want it done."
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funny tech support and IT memes

IT Memes For The People Really Holding Up Society As We Know It

Thank you, computer people.
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A company unplugs every ethernet cable from their router, plugs them in at random, and then distress calls tech support.

Company Plugs Every Ethernet Cable Into Router At Random, Distress Calls Tech Support

Oh, come on now.
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A user doesn't realize that you have to double click a file to open it.

Customer Doesn't Realize Files Must Be Double Clicked To Be Opened

Never too late to learn something new.
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A tech support employee gloriously catches a Helpdesk scammer.

Tech Support Employee Catches Helpdesk Scammer

Way to go.
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A cheerfully cynical senior dev tells the tale of two impossible idiots at the workplace.

Cheerfully Cynical Senior Dev Tells The Tale Of Two Idiots

Oh what up, Michael Scott.
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