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'Win-win for everyone involved.': IT Guy automates his entire job and works 10 minutes a day from home

There is a quote that is often attributed to the likes of Bill Gates and Walter Chrysler that goes something along the lines of “Always choose a lazy man to do a hard job because a lazy man will find an easy way to do it.” Whether or not either of them actually uttered this string of words (or was the first to do so) is up for debate. But the sentiment rings true in many instances that require innovation: Why hire the guy who is content to do things by the letter when you can hire the guy who w…
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'Ends up paying him double': Greedy business owner tries to scam IT guy, IT guy scams him right back

It's often said that you shouldn't meddle with things you don't understand and, by extension, you shouldn't mess with the people who handle the things that you don't understand either. If you've managed to get a contractor in to handle something you can't or aren't willing to do or understand, and they deliver on that product, you'd do your best to pay them the agreed price. After all, we've already established you don't understand that thing, so why are you so certain you've got the upper hand…
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Rude client wants their tech support ticket escalated, gets fired when it gets escalated to their boss

It's often said that when going for a job interview, you should be kind and courteous to everyone you meet; famous anecdotes about not holding the front door to the building open for the person who ended up being the hiring manager reinforce this idea. Why, then, don't we extrapolate this idea and apply it to our daily lives—both professional and personal? When one lives their life in this way, they negate the chance of saying the wrong thing to the wrong person at the wrong time, like this sor…
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Don't deviate from the flowchart? OK, if you insist

'Ok then, no more using our brains': Management insists workers use inferior process flowchart, the predictable occurs

The ability to listen and follow directions is often important when it comes to your performance in the workplace. The last thing an employer wants is someone who is going to go rogue and take matters and process into their own hands. Of course, if your job is to be creative and think of new ideas, you'll usually be encouraged to do so, but I'm willing to bet there are still processes and guidelines to follow. The problem is that process is never ironclad unless you're building something like a…
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"You need to get your numbers up ASAP! No exceptions!"

'Get your numbers up ASAP!': Boss Demands That Non-Sales Tech Guy Sell More Stuff, So Guy Sells Boss' Dad a Bunch of Stuff He Doesn't Need

It's not every day that you get a chance like this thrust upon you—a chance for everything wrong in your life to suddenly sing to the symphonic rhythm of poetic justice. Well, this tech guy got exactly that chance when their boss told them that they needed to increase their sales with “No Exceptions.” This tech guy was working for an internet service provider as tech support when, one day, their boss came in and bizarrely told them that they needed to get their sales figures up. The tech guy wa…
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20+ Throwback Tech Fails for the Ill-equipped

20+ Throwback Tech Fails for the Nostalgic and the Ill-Equipped

Once upon a time, in an age before the iPhone...
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The customer explained that they wouldn’t pay, and understood now why it costs so much when “your staff aren’t working during the week and only working at the weekends so they can get double pay”

Angry client demands IT Guys work during week instead of weekend, ends up with the business disruption they were trying to avoid in the first place

There are times in your life when you go out of your way to accommodate someone only to have them throw it back in your face and blame you for their stupid unrelated problems. It's like planning your birthday gathering at your favorite restaurant only to have that entitled friend complain that you're excluding them because they don't like that restaurant or have devised one of the dozens of other reasons to make your birthday about them. So, you let them pick the location for your birthday, onl…
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You blamed me for all of your IT troubles. So I made your entire department redundant.

Karen scapegoats IT Guy for her stupid nonexistent problems, he makes her entire department redundant

Sometimes in life… the low road is the right one. This Karen brought a metaphorical knife to an actual nuclear arms race when she decided to go toe to toe with this IT guy and blamed him for all of her stupid nonexistent troubles. As readers have pointed out in the comments: It's never a good idea to pick a fight with the guy who writes code when your job is easily replaced by a single line of it — that's just begging for the unfortunate outcome that has occurred for Karen here. After the repea…
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He had put a rule in place that nobody was allowed to recycle a broken laptop other than himself.

IT Supervisor "Dave" demands all to-be-recycled computers pass across his desk, ends up with a giant mountain broken computers

We all have a “Dave” in our life. The thing is — Dave can sometimes be wound a little too tight…
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I was told this belongs here. They got what they asked for lol | I had a trophy-wife-client who had a frozen yoghurt business paid for by her husband. They contacted me and asked me to design and build a new website for her business. I gave them a quote and they asked if they could pay in three instalments. After we all agreed to the terms, I had written approval and I received my 33% deposit, I got cracking.

'Here’s 33% of your website. You’re welcome': Client wants to pay developer 33% of agreed price, gets 33% of a website

In this world, you get what you pay for.
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Viral Thread: Hilarious 'Service Desk' Job Description Doesn’t Sugar-coat the Reality of the Job’s Duties

Once in a while, something pops up online that is entirely unorthodox and a bit out of left field. This “avant-garde” take on a job interview description is exactly that. A little zany and unacceptable, it has defied our expectations of the performative qualities that a job interview normally offers. You'd usually expect a job interview to tediously lay out all of the things you might expect from a role but in a crap-coated manner of corporate speak that seeks to make light of all the terrible…
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Update: IT Director Quits Arrogant CEO, Reduces His Notice Period After Unprofessional Response

These are the types of "leaders" who will gladly tell you that "It's just business" when they're laying you off or refusing you a raise. Yet, when you find a better opportunity and give notice, they take it personally, acting as if you've betrayed them. Suddenly, "It's just business" isn't valid, and the employer wonders why all these employees end up "Turning against them," utterly blind to the fact that they are the common denominator.
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Engineers throw their own party when they're not allowed to attend the company party.

'Smelly' Engineers Get Disinvited From Company Party, Host Bigger One of Their Own and Expense Everything

When these engineers weren't invited by the CEO to the company party, they instead threw a party of their own with the help of the VP charging it all to the company card.
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Greatest Hits: IT Head Steals Important Email Address, Sets Off Chain of Events That Get Them Fired

An IT Head saw fit to swipe a long-held email address which set off a domino effect that led to their excusal from their position. This has been one of the top stories that we have seen come out of Reddit's r/talesfromtechsupport subreddit this year and, as such, it was well worth a revisit. The thread was originally posted to Reddit's r/talesfromtechsupport subreddit by u/Lorix_In_Oz. They shared their story with the title “When a new IT department head steals the prestige e-mail address from…
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Update: Arrogant CEO Demands IT Contractor Serve Him A Cup of Coffee, Contractor Walks Out

This IT guy is retired but still contracts with his old employer, and he was called in to help one of their clients with their “ancient inventory system.” When the CEO of the client sauntered on in demanding a cup of joe from the IT guy, things were about to go very poorly. This lengthy tale was told by Redditor u/ShelLuser42 who shared their story to the r/Idontworkherelady subreddit, a growing subreddit where people share stories where they have been mistaken for an employee. Typically these…
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Manager Won't Approve Overtime, Tech Starts Leaving Early

This thread was posted to Reddit's r/maliciouscompliance subreddit by Redditor “'I can't approve overtime.' Then I strongly suggest you raise this issue with your boss and get the ability to approve overtime, or this will bite you in the a$$," said MadRocketScientist74. “He was always fighting that battle," responded the original poster. "To his credit, I worked for him 2 years or so after that, and he never questioned my timesheet again. I even have some stories where I helped him overcome oth…
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