nature surprising squid ocean Video - 107062017

Giant Squid Latches Onto Surfer's Board, Surfer Maintains Max Chill

Oh, what up my guy.
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A scorpion escapes its tank, and then a panicked hunt around the house ensues.

Scorpion Escapes Tank, Panicked Hunt Ensues

That could've gone a lot worse.
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crazy surprising navy awesome marianas trench Video win - 107046913

Guy Jumps Off Aircraft Carrier Over The Marianas Trench

Cthulu almost had some houseguests.
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A wild Twitter thread about a woman coming home to realize that a raccoon has posted up in her room.

Twitter Thread: Woman Returns Home, Finds Raccoon In Bedroom

Well, that's a bit unusual.
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disc golf surprising sports awesome athlete Video win - 107033345

Disc Golfer James Conrad Nails Heroic Shot

The holy shot, indeed.
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orange surprising ridiculous dangerous Video - 106990849

Guy Demonstrates Reason To Not Eat Orange Next To Balloon

Don't give the kids any ideas.
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surprising hazards

Things That Are Way More Dangerous Than People Realize

We're not invincible.
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An interesting story about how Subway's tuna isn't actually tuna.

Subway Under Fire For Iffy Tuna Sandwiches

Subway's getting all fish out here.
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surprising interesting Video culture tiktok - 2419206

Romanian Guy Accidentally Learns To Speak Perfect English, Explains How

Seems like a fun way to "learn" a language.
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crazy surprising awesome pilot dangerous Video flying - 107002113

Turkish F-16 Pilot Flies Extremely Close Over Spectators

Yeah, I'm chilling on that.
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crazy risky scary surprising machines dangerous Video - 107001857

Man Uses Horrifyingly Dangerous Wood Cutter

The second machine has all the stupid.
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surprising obsidian awesome interesting ridiculous Video - 106983937

Guy Demonstrates Reason To Not Try To Crush Obsidian

Obsidian isn't playing games.
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A crazy story about a small town taking revenge on park being demolished by abandoning the town.

Mayor Destroys Only Green-Space Park, Town Members Abandon Town

This could be in a TV show.
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humor surprising bears ridiculous funny Video animals - 106966529

Black Bear Family Has Full On Rager In People's Pool

Better hope you're on the guest list.
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crazy sketchy surprising bears ridiculous dangerous Video animals tiktok - 2350598

Woman Yeets Bear Off Fence To Save Dogs

Honestly, heroic.
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customer service surprising Starbucks awesome coffee Video store tiktok - 2366470

TikToker Exposes Starbucks For Store-Bought Lemonade And Syrups

Ignorance can definitely be bliss.
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