A dude unknowingly exacerbates their allergic reaction, ends up in the ER, and then gets proper diagnosis.

Dude Unknowingly Exacerbates Allergic Reaction, Ends Up In The ER

That could've been a whole lot worse.
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A Twitter thread about the time that a man accidentally ordered a truck full of rice.

Man Accidentally Orders Truck Of Rice, Hilarity Ensues

That's a tall order right there.
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impressive crazy surprising awesome talent ridiculous Video win - 107347201

Man Rides Onewheel, Plays Sax, And Cleans Trash At The Same Time

Leave some talent for the rest of us.
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surprising Music awesome Sam Cooke Video win - 107346945

Man Sings Sam Cooke's "A Change Is Gonna Come", Nails It

Get this guy on tour already.
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customer service surprising ridiculous reaction dunkin donuts tiktok - 2668294

Dunkin Donuts Employee Reveals Actual Amount Of Coffee In Large Iced Coffee

Say it ain't so.
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crazy surprising ridiculous Video longboard - 107322625

Longboarder Shares Close Call Highlight Reel

Yeah, no thank you.
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surprising wtf birds ridiculous Video - 107311617

Bird Hijacks Man's GoPro, Takes It For A Scenic Route

Buddy took that camera for a field trip.
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cool surprising sports awesome baseball ridiculous Video win - 107301377

Third Baseman Predicts Whole Play Before It Actually Happens

Don't see something like that every day.
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nature cool surprising awesome ridiculous whales Video - 107300353

Curious Orca Tries To Befriend Stand Up Paddle Boarder

Orca was just trying to say "what up."
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customer service surprising FAIL interesting Video - 107279105

Customer Plants Hidden Camera To Learn Why All Their Packages Are Broken

It could just be how they were trained to do it.
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surprising sports awesome athlete basketball Video win - 107261185

Woman Sinks Every Shot, Wins New Car

Um, mad skills.
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Dad oversleeps, his son goes for a lengthy adventure, and a full on panic attack ensues.

Dad Oversleeps, Son Goes On Adventure, Parental Panic Attack Ensues

His life must've flashed before his eyes.
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cool surprising interesting lava Video - 107231745

Lava VS Different Forms Of Glass

Lava doesn't play games.
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spiders insects surprising FAIL ridiculous reaction funny - 107228417

Woman Walks Into Spider's Web, Spider Comes Out Victorious

Yeah, that's enough outside for the day.
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surprising Music dr dre interesting eminem Video - 107217665

Rare Video Footage Shows When Dr. Dre First Discovered Eminem

A historic moment, for sure.
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spiders insects scary surprising australia ridiculous Video - 107191553

Giant Huntsman Spider Appears, Passengers Lose It

Yeah, I'm out dawg.
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