People describe their most wildly unexpected moments throughout life.

People's Most Wildly Unexpected Moments

Life is a strange and funny thing.
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nature crocodile scary surprising intense Video - 106765313

Man Feeds Massive Wild River Croc Like It's His Pet

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crazy surprising driving ridiculous dangerous Video - 106734593

Driver Barrels Through Traffic Arm To Cross Daytona Beach Drawbridge

Risky move, for sure.
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surprising Music harp reaction funny Video - 106727169

Woman Gets Stunned By Broken Harp String

It was so serene there for a second.
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crazy surprising technology robots ridiculous intense - 106594049

Battlebots Is A Ruthless Spectacle

They're not messing around.
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surprising helicopter ridiculous Video dating - 106674177

Couple's Serene Late Outing Interrupted By Helicopter Flyby

Just another day at the lake.
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Couple sleeps with their bedroom window open, and then a horrific awakening ensues.

Couple Sleeps With Bedroom Window Open, Horrific Awakening Ensues

Oh, oh no thank you.
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A tenant assumes that they have a bat in their closet, and then they learn otherwise.

Tenant Assumes There's A Bat In Closet, Learns Otherwise

Could've been far worse.
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surprising nuclear ridiculous reaction Video - 106612225

Chillest Guy In World Hears Nuclear Meltdown Alarm

Heroic amounts of chill.
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surprising awesome poker Video win - 106566913

Dude Wins $160K Poker Tourney Out Of 2K Entries From Parking Lot In His Car

Doesn't get much better than this.
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nature crazy surprising freaky Video Mushrooms - 106368513

Mushroom Hunter Hears Crazy Sound

Understatement of the year.
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A collection of people's most surprising "small world" moments.

People's Wildest Small World Moments

Life's always surprising us.
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Woman discovers mysterious room behind bathroom mirror.

Woman Discovers Mysterious Room Behind Bathroom Mirror

This was straight up riveting.
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diving scary surprising ocean shark Video - 106371073

Massive Deep-Sea Shark Checking Out Our Submarine

Straight up, no thank you forever.
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A collection of tricks that always seem to work for people.

Weird Tricks That Always Work For People

So brain freezes cancel out headaches, awesome.
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air canon biggest in the world

Biggest Air Cannon In The World

Way too cool.
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