insects surprising sports baseball ridiculous MLB funny - 2573830

Victor Robles Plays MLB Game With Praying Mantis Chilling On His Head

Please, please be real.
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surprising news earthquake Video - 107173633

Newscaster Changes Gears Instantaneously When Earthquake Warning Starts

She nailed it.
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crazy humor surprising cooking ridiculous food funny Video top gear - 107173889

James May From Top Gear Challenges Gordon Ramsay To Make Fish Pie

James May didn't give a flying heck.
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People describe the crazy ways that they ended up meeting their significant others.

Wild Ways People Ended Up Meeting Their Partners

Love is full of surprises.
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surprising awesome ocean swimming dangerous win - 107156737

Paddle Boarder Gets Saved By His Waterproof Phone Pouch

Those oceans can be unforgivable.
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nature crazy surprising seal awesome intense Video - 107135489

Giant Elephant Seals Engage In Passionate Duel

The world's biggest thumb war.
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Guy goes for his morning McDonald's trip, laughs at a road rager, and almost dies.

Guy Goes For Morning McDonald's Trip, Laughs At Road Rager, Almost Perishes

So, bring back the all-day breakfast menu.
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diving surprising awesome swimming dangerous Video win - 107134209

Nataliia Zharkova Completes Absolutely Bonkers Free Dive

Out of breath just thinking about this.
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humor surprising birds amusement park ridiculous seagull funny Video - 107133953

Seagull Gives Girl On Sling Shot Ride A Face High Five

She wasn't about it.
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impressive crazy surprising awesome athletics Video win - 107131137

Woman Shows Off Epic Staff Spinning Skills

The force is strong with this one.
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crazy surprising ocean swimming shark dangerous Video - 107123969

Swimmer In Panama City Beach Has Close Brush With Hammerhead Shark

Way too close for comfort.
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crazy surprising ridiculous Video flying - 107119361

Student Pilot Loses Engine, Maintains Surreal Level Of Calm

Dang, my dude.
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A funny and educational Tumblr post that escalates from building a treehouse to fighting the kudzu vine.

Tumblr Thread: The Plant World Is Actually Nuts

It's the vegans time to shine.
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crazy surprising magician trippy illusion Video - 107105025

Sword Box Illusion Defies Laws Of Reality Itself

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impressive surprising sports golf Video win - 107105281

Jack Nicklaus Makes Miracle Putt After Johnny Miller Says He Can't Make It

A true GOAT moment.
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An entertaining Twitter thread about the fascinating history behind Triscuits.

Twitter Thread: Triscuit's Backstory Is Legit Electric

All about the electric biscuits.
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