An entertaining Tumblr thread about how literary coincidences can end up getting authors in hot water.

Tumblr Thread: Literary Coincidences Get Authors In Hot Water

Those best guesses can end up being quite risky.
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surprising FAIL ice drones Video - 16104709

Drone Pilot Captures the Moment Ice Collapses and Dumps Crowd in Frozen River

Why did they think this was a good idea?
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Sailors describe the craziest supernatural experiences that they've had.

AskReddit Thread: Sailors' Craziest Supernatural Stories

The oceans are brimming with mystery.
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A crazy Tumblr post about how a pilot ends up surviving an absolutely catastrophic malfunction on a plane.

Pilot's Window Breaks, Copilot Goes Full Superhero Mode

Talk about a genuine emotional rollercoaster.
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impressive crazy surprising nfl awesome ridiculous football Video win - 107495937

NFL Wide Receiver Pulls Off Crazy Gutsy Play

Go on then.
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cool surprising anvil awesome Video - 107472897

Floating An Anvil On Liquid Mercury

A superb demonstration.
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crazy surprising sports ridiculous football Video - 107455489

Massive 11-Year-Old Lineman Petrifies Opposing Team

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humor surprising twitter alligator FAIL ridiculous Video win - 2741510

Florida Man Catches Gator Using Trashcan

Just another day in Florida.
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crazy landlord surprising housing FAIL ridiculous Video tiktok apartment - 2736134

TikToker Realizes Apartment Caught Fire, Smoke Alarm Never Goes Off

So sketch.
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ouch surprising baseball painful MLB Video tiktok - 2732550

Dude Tries To Sneak Onto Fenway Field, Gets Crushed

Oh, the sting of regret.
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crazy surprising dangerous train Video - 107425281

Woman Narrowly Avoids Getting Hit By Train

Way, way too close.
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A quirky Tumblr post suggest that many humans have minor magical powers that are overlooked.

A Quirky Tumblr Post On Mundane Magic Amongst Humans

There's magic in the air, folks.
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customer service dominos pizza surprising dominos awesome Video win - 107362561

Domino's Guy Makes 3 Pizzas In 39 Seconds

An actual wizard of pizzas.
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humor surprising baseball ridiculous MLB funny Video - 2686982

Giant Cinnamon Toast Crunch Mascot Freaks MLB Fans Out

Tough day for the pitcher.
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crazy surprising climbing awesome ridiculous dangerous Video win - 107366145

Free Solo Climber Politely Passes Dude

Hard nope to the whole situation.
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A collection of times that people witnessed doomed marriages at the actual weddings.

Times People Witnessed Future Divorces At The Actual Weddings

Sometimes the couples miss the glaring warning signs.
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