dumb and bad first time tattoo stories

People's Worst and Dumbest First Tattoo Experiences

It's an artform.
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movie plot holes and frustrating details

Frustrating Plot Holes And Movie Details That People Can't Stand

Ah, the Santa problem.
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weird kids and strange things kids did at school

Weird and Wild Things Kids Did At School

Never a dull moment.
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wholesome twitter Twitter Thread interesting stranger stories - 15544325

Twitter Thread: Wholesome Times People Helped Out Their Countrymen Abroad

Hey there, stranger.
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improbable historical moments that fel like a time traveler did it

Improbable Historical Events That Read Like Time Traveler Intervention

Getting mad time machine vibes over here.
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funny things people believed as kids

Ridiculous And Dumb Things People Believed As Kids

Hey, we learned eventually.
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people's stories of their worst neighbors

The Worst Neighbors People Have Experienced.

It literally hits too close to home.
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funny and bold mad lads with their shenanigans

Mad Lads Who Made The World Their Big Briny Oyster

Be the mischief you want to see in the world.
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Problems of skinny people

Unconventional Problems Skinny People Have

Wouldn't have thought of that one.
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funny stories about the strangest colors people had to match at paint stores

The Weirdest Colors Paint Store Employees Had To Match

When someone walks in and wants a can of "leg."
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twitter obvious crime front businesses

Twitter Thread: People's Local Obvious Crime Front Businesses

Every town has a few.
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dodged bullet and close call stories

Freaky Close Calls That People Somehow Avoided

Uh, thanks fate.
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expensive mistakes stories

People Share Their Most Expensive Mistakes

We're all one small decision away from total financial ruin.
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stories of dumb ways people almost died

26 Stupid Ways People Almost Died

Well there's a new kind of nightmare.
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things young people won't have to do because technology has changed

Things Kids These Days Will Never Experience

We're all shaped by inconvenience.
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small things that made people drunk on power

The Smallest Amounts Of Power People Got Drunk On

"Respect my authority over the copier."
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