Saints QB Jameis Winston struggles with the tackle machine, and then gets dragged on Twitter.

Saints QB Jameis Winston Struggles With Tackle Machine, Gets Dragged On Twitter

I mean, he could've dropped the ball.
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Cat Gets Loose In Yankee Stadium, Crowd Loses It

That's the real MVP right there.
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Victor Robles Plays MLB Game With Praying Mantis Chilling On His Head

Please, please be real.
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Bo Jackson Explains To Kid Who He Is

We all know who he is, right?
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Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers Rips Into Packers' Ownership

Aaron let em have it.
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Australian Swimming Coach Has Best Reaction To Athlete Winning Gold

Pure passion in this performance.
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Creepy Humanoid Robot Sinks Two Perfect Shots During Halftime At Tokyo Olympics Basketball Game

Just a tad bit unnerving.
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Jack Nicklaus Makes Miracle Putt After Johnny Miller Says He Can't Make It

A true GOAT moment.
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Bowler Picks Up 7-10 Split With "Blatant Cheating"

"It's a spare in our hearts."
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Baseball Player Pulls Off Superhuman Catch

Doesn't get any better than that.
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The Most Decimating Burn Uttered By Bob Costas

There's no coming back from that.
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Golf ball suspended in mid-air by fountain before putt-putt golfer hits hole in one

The Reigning Champion of Putt-Putt Golf Shots

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Pro Golfer Shanks Golf Ball Into The Crowd Twice

Tough day to be in the crowd.
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Disc Golfer James Conrad Nails Heroic Shot

The holy shot, indeed.
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Umpire Fixes His Belt While Ejecting Manager

That's a new one.
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Ronaldo Replaces Coke Bottles With Water

He didn't waste any time moving those at all.
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