Golf ball suspended in mid-air by fountain before putt-putt golfer hits hole in one

The Reigning Champion of Putt-Putt Golf Shots

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sports golf injury cringe painful ridiculous dangerous Video - 107047169

Pro Golfer Shanks Golf Ball Into The Crowd Twice

Tough day to be in the crowd.
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disc golf surprising sports awesome athlete Video win - 107033345

Disc Golfer James Conrad Nails Heroic Shot

The holy shot, indeed.
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humor sports commentary baseball ridiculous MLB Video - 107030017

Umpire Fixes His Belt While Ejecting Manager

That's a new one.
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sports FAIL soda cristiano ronaldo ridiculous funny Video - 106984705

Ronaldo Replaces Coke Bottles With Water

He didn't waste any time moving those at all.
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cool racing sports awesome Video win oddly satisfying - 106901505

Oddly Satisfying Double Pitstop in F1

Pure efficiency.
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sports FAIL cringe baseball painful ridiculous Video - 106909953

Pirates Fan Takes Home Run Ball To The Privates, A Breakdown

Impressive pain threshold.
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sports FAIL hockey cringe Awkward ridiculous funny - 106907137

Swiss Hockey Coach Is Ruthlessly Honest

Not a man of excuses.
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sports awesome harlem globetrotters basketball athletics Video win - 106892801

The Greatest Globetrotter Shot Of All Time

Dribbling's hard.
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humor nba sports Shaq ridiculous basketball Video - 106801921

Locker Room Incident Destroys Shaq And Barkely With Laughter

We've all been caught up in those delirious fits of laughter.
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twitter sports FAIL ridiculous football mean tweets Video - 106726145

Fans Who Sent Mean Tweets About Kickers Attempt Real Life Field Goals

Some egos were definitely checked.
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Guy abandons his girlfriend on top of a mountain to watch the football game | AITA abandoning my girlfriend on top mountain know this sounds bad but hear out on this one wasn't even big mountain. Basically l've been going on hikes alone on weekend mornings while my girlfriend eats pancakes. On Sunday went do peak 's easy if vet like but still takes few hours went early so could be back football game at one could not miss this game. So woke up early go and my girlfriend gets up with and is like

Dude Abandons Girlfriend On Top Of Mountain To Watch Football

It was a Jets game.
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sportmanship nba sports awesome Video win - 106680833

Steven Adams Saves Mason Plumlee From Scary Fall Instead Of Scoring

An actual hero.
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nascar sports FAIL cringe Awkward ridiculous Video - 106620161

Announcer Forgets Nascar Driver's Name, Cringe Ensues

It can happen to the very best of us.
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humor sports announcer FAIL cringe Awkward ridiculous funny Video - 106602753

General Manager Of NHL Team Can't Be Optimistic

Better luck next time.
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sports FAIL cringe Awkward soccer ridiculous Video - 106461697

Football Coach Experiences Shortest Press Conference In History

Okay then.
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