cool soccer double-volley goal video

Player Manages Sweet Double-Volley Goal

Whose reflexes are those?
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cool golf video bouncing ball on water

Golfer Skips Ball Off Pond For Hole In One

Dude must've thought he was dreaming.
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Bo Jackson explains who he is to someone who doesn't recognize him

Bo Jackson Patiently Explains Who He Is

Patience of a saint.
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Sally Pearson athlete wholesome interview

Aussie Woman Gives Wholesome Sports Interview

Some inspiring stuff right here.
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pro wrestler Madonna entrance song

Wrestler Uses Madonna For Entrance Song, Crowd Loves It

Best entrance ever.
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cool football video touchdown

Quarterback Throws Touchdown To Himself

The universe gave this dude a gift.
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NHL canada hockey referee mic

NHL Refs Get Mic'd Up

This is peak Canadian.
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Muhammad Ali impressive boxing

Muhammad Ali Dodges 21 Punches In 10 Seconds

Ultra instincts.
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golfer hits crowd with ball

Pro Golfer Injures Spectators With Consecutive Shots

Those shanks will get ya.
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wholesome video of pro football player gets roasted by mom

Aussie Pro Football Player Tells Mom Exciting Update, Mom Roasts Him

Mom was too stoked.
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Jurgen Klopp French translator with deep voice

Jurgen Klopp Jokes About Translator's Steamy Voice

Congrats, indeed.
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NFL analyst fail put on the spot unscripted

NFL Analyst Fumbles When Asked Unscripted Question

What a meltdown.
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Kayaking over waterfall crazy wow

Man Kayaks Over 134-Foot Waterfall

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Heavy Machinery operator makes a basketball shot.

Heavy Machinery Making a Basket

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funny baseball clip pitcher runner sports video

Pitcher Intentionally Balks To Advance Runner Distracting Him

Got him good.
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Funny video of sports broadcaster announcing shameful dog walk like it's golf.

Sports Announcer Narrates Shameful Dog Walk

More things deserve golf voice.
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