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Funniest NFL Memes for the Sports Fan Who Celebrates Football Season All Year Long

You think this is a game? This is a lifestyle!
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That Time in 1994 When A Cricket Ball Almost Hit Queen Elizabeth II in the Head

That Time in 1994 When A Cricket Ball Almost Hit Queen Elizabeth II in the Head

The Queen's reign would have been cut short 27 years if her bodyguard hadn't caught a cricket ball headed straight for Her Majesty's head in a 1994 match.
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The Funniest Football Memes Only Steeler Fans Will Understand

Welcome to Steelers memes nation.
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sports interesting exciting weird badminton - 107771137

Pro Badminton Rally Is Surprisingly Riveting

Most of us only think of badminton as an activity that belongs in the same shed as croquet, but when these guys get going, it's surprisingly exciting to watch two grown men thirst after a taste of that shuttlecock. So here's to the weirdly riveting sport that people surprisingly actually care about; badminton.
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sports lol pitcher soccer football funny field - 107724033

Random Guy Interrupts Soccer Match, Gets Shoulder Checked Into Oblivion

Worth the yellow card.
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Skier skis through gate which smacks him in groin

Yannick Bertrand's Groin Shot Heard Round The World

That is audible.
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sports fox cute lol football animals interrupt - 107666945

Fox Makes Its Way Onto Field During Football Game, Gets Crowd Support

Now that's some fox news.
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news wtf sports creepy strange NHL TV pierre mcguire - 107635457

Pierre McGuire Being Extremely Awkward With A Sports Announcer

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Guy's shot in bowls is stunningly accurate perfect bowls shot

Guy Absolutely Nails Perfect Bowls Shot

No one's laughing at Nick Brett now.
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sports track awesome athlete ridiculous Video win - 107494145

Track Star Pulls Off Historical Comeback

Honestly insane.
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live news wtf sports fire soccer football Video - 107475713

Sports Story Becomes Fire Story As Fire Breaks Out On Air

What a scoop.
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humor nba sports cringe ridiculous basketball funny - 107450881

Lebron James Catches Fan Calling Him Crybaby

A beautiful moment in sports history.
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crazy surprising sports ridiculous football Video - 107455489

Massive 11-Year-Old Lineman Petrifies Opposing Team

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nba sports ridiculous basketball funny Video David Letterman kevin durant - 107452417

David Letterman Asks Kevin Durant Why People Call Him "KD"

What a moment.
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news sports nfl controversial awesome football Video - 2736390

Justin Tucker Kicks Game-Winning, Longest Field Goal In NFL History

Um, delay of game though.
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sports FAIL Awkward ridiculous Video olympics - 107437057

Gold Medal Belarus Athlete Walks Off Awards Podium As Wrong Anthem Plays

She stood her ground.
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