impressive crazy sports awesome athlete baseball MLB Video - 107403009

Baseball Player Gracefully Wins Smoothest Slide Of All Time

Pretty much superhuman.
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cool sports awesome Video win - 107383553

Olympic High Jump Medalist Jumps Hurdles Like It's Nothing

Dang, man.
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sports awesome ridiculous football Video win - 107323905

QB Pulls Off Superhuman Trick Play

Just a casual little walk in for the TD.
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sports determined Muhammad Ali athlete boxing mountains Video - 107311361

Muhammad Ali Learning About Mt. Everest Is Extremely Muhammad Ali

What else could anyone expect him to say.
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cool surprising sports awesome baseball ridiculous Video win - 107301377

Third Baseman Predicts Whole Play Before It Actually Happens

Don't see something like that every day.
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ouch sports FAIL baseball parenting ridiculous Video - 107296001

Son Accidentally Nails His Dad In The Head With Baseball Bat

Dude, you're not good.
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surprising sports awesome athlete basketball Video win - 107261185

Woman Sinks Every Shot, Wins New Car

Um, mad skills.
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humor sports timing golf phil mickelson Tiger Woods funny Video - 107259905

Phil Mickelson Hilariously Cuts Off Tiger Woods' First Tee Introduction

A definite golden moment in the history of golf.
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humor sports golf movies Tiger Woods ridiculous funny Video - 107256833

Tiger Woods And Friends Attempt "Happy Gilmore" Swing, Years Later

Rory actually took a real crack at it.
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twitter sports nfl cringe social media ridiculous football - 2623750

Tim Tebow Debuts At Tight End, Hauntingly Terrible Blocking Ensues

It's no wonder this block attempt went viral.
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dogs skills sports volleyball lol amazing animals - 107243521

Dog Is Dang Good At VolleyBall

Oh, he bounce.
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crazy sports nfl ridiculous football dangerous - 107232257

Aaron Donald Gets Into Huge Brawl At Practice

That escalated quickly.
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humor sports Tiger Woods ridiculous interview funny - 107218177

Interviewer Lays The Condescension On Thick With Tiger Woods

Tiger wasn't having any of it.
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Saints QB Jameis Winston struggles with the tackle machine, and then gets dragged on Twitter.

Saints QB Jameis Winston Struggles With Tackle Machine, Gets Dragged On Twitter

I mean, he could've dropped the ball.
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sports FAIL baseball ridiculous MLB Cats animals - 107184641

Cat Gets Loose In Yankee Stadium, Crowd Loses It

That's the real MVP right there.
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insects surprising sports baseball ridiculous MLB funny - 2573830

Victor Robles Plays MLB Game With Praying Mantis Chilling On His Head

Please, please be real.
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