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Hopeless Idiots Who Shouldn't Be Allowed Out in Public

Probably best that these people have zero contact with the outside world.
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A Twitter thread takes a look at some of the funniest bird names out there. | Stu Royall @stu_bot3000 3h Why even go into this line work? More images Go-away-bird go-away-birds, Crinifer, are genus bird turaco family. Unlike many brighter forest dwelling turacos these are birds African open country and have drab grey and white plumage. Wikipedia

Twitter Thread: The World's Most Ridiculous Bird Names

So silly.
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A collection of rare insults that left their mark on their recipients.

Rare And Extra Spicy Insults That Hit Different

Ah, some good old rare insults.
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A collection of tweets about people's most ridiculous neighbors on NextDoor.

People's Most Nightmarish, Entitled, And Bizarre Neighbors

NextDoor is a troubling goldmine.
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A collection of times that people were absolute mad lads on social media | morice: blaineheavenanderson: thesmallestactofkindness: Gave my students pop quiz today and learned something new: If make all answers questions C will see 35 most hilariously panicked and confused faces world | Apple Music O @AppleMusic 's everyone listening this morning? ellie @miseryawg spotify

Maniacal Mad Lads That Don't Give A Dang

They play by their own rules.
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old people making funny mistakes on social media

25 Old People On Social Media Who Tried Their Best

Technology is hard.
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A Twitter thread about a guy making an assumption about his classmate always saving him a desk.

Guy's Pure Twitter Thread Is Lesson In Not Judging People

Solid friendship origin story.
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A collection of relatable tweets and memes that can make people feel old.

Relatable Tweets And Memes About Getting Old

Time just keeps on moving along.
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A collection of strange and interesting science facts to ponder.

Strange Science Facts To Ponder

Pretty much at the science fair now.
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A viral Facebook post about a bakery that was accused of using illegal sprinkles on their baked goods.

Bakery In Leeds Gets Outed For Using Illegal Sprinkles, Fiasco Ensues

This is the baking drama that the world deserves.
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People describe their funniest travel fails in a wild Twitter thread.

Twitter Thread: People's Funniest Travel Fails

Traveling can be quite stressful.
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A Twitter thread about people quitting their jobs with no notice.

Twitter Thread: People That Quit Their Jobs With No Notice

Sometimes, you've just got to dip out.
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A wild Twitter thread about a woman lying her way into the writer's room for a military TV show.

Woman Lies About Being Marine, Lands Job As Writer For TV Show, Gets Exposed

The audacity on this one truly blows the mind.
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A wild Twitter thread about how driving in Europe can be an adrenaline-charged spectacle.

Twitter Thread: European Driving Can Be An Adrenaline-Charged Spectacle

Yeah, no thanks.
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A Twitter thread on an infamously clueless intern.

Twitter Thread On An Infamously Clueless Intern

James is a gem.
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Man manages to make bread from a 4,500 year old yeast sample.

Man Makes Bread From 4,500 Year Old Yeast Sample

A definite flavor blast from the past.
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