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pregnancy announcement social media mother in law family - 16793861

Deranged Mother-In-Law Announces Couple's Pregnancy On Facebook Before They've Told Anyone, Refuses to Delete It

Someone is losing "grandparent privileges"
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the internets internet mildlyinteresting social media Reddit culture - 16530181

Internet Bewildered Over "Metric Minutes" Listed on Viral Oatmeal Label

Internet users are bewildered over this oatmeal cooking label that was posted to Reddit on the r/mildlyinteresting subreddit. Reddit, the popular social news aggregation site, offers various subsections where different types of content and topics can be posted and discussed amongst users. Through “upvoting” or “downvoting” a post, the users can contribute to the overall rating of content which determines how posts appear on the feed. If a post garners a high number, or percentage, of upvotes wi…
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A collection of funny moments from various people on Twitter.

Twitter Gems Tweeted From Twitter's Twitterrific Tweeters

Every now and again the Tweeters deliver.
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customer service aita barista revenge failbook social media - 16319237

Barista Posts TikTok Degrading Guy's Mother, She Gets Fired When He Shows Her Manager After She Refuses to Take it Down

When social media has repercussions.
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ask reddit friends society addiction coffee social media - 16285189

People Are Sharing the "Things That We Pretend We Need to Be Addicted to" and I Need to Go Home and Rethink My Life

These are the things that we justify being addicted to as a society.
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FAIL cringe failbook social media - 15934469

Shocking Failures From the Cringey Idiots of Social Media

It's astounding how dumb some people can be.
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A humorous Twitter thread about various birds that were likely named by people who don't like birds.

Twitter Thread: Birds Named By People That Have Beef With Birds

Seriously, give the poor birds a chance.
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Man manages to make bread from a 4,500 year old yeast sample.

Man Makes Bread From 4,500 Year Old Yeast Sample

A definite flavor blast from the past.
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A Twitter thread on an infamously clueless intern.

Twitter Thread On An Infamously Clueless Intern

James is a gem.
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failbook social media idiots - 15812869

Hopeless Idiots Who Shouldn't Be Allowed Out in Public

Probably best that these people have zero contact with the outside world.
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A Twitter thread takes a look at some of the funniest bird names out there. | Stu Royall @stu_bot3000 3h Why even go into this line work? More images Go-away-bird go-away-birds, Crinifer, are genus bird turaco family. Unlike many brighter forest dwelling turacos these are birds African open country and have drab grey and white plumage. Wikipedia

Twitter Thread: The World's Most Ridiculous Bird Names

So silly.
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A collection of rare insults that left their mark on their recipients.

Rare And Extra Spicy Insults That Hit Different

Ah, some good old rare insults.
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A collection of tweets about people's most ridiculous neighbors on NextDoor.

People's Most Nightmarish, Entitled, And Bizarre Neighbors

NextDoor is a troubling goldmine.
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A collection of times that people were absolute mad lads on social media | morice: blaineheavenanderson: thesmallestactofkindness: Gave my students pop quiz today and learned something new: If make all answers questions C will see 35 most hilariously panicked and confused faces world | Apple Music O @AppleMusic 's everyone listening this morning? ellie @miseryawg spotify

Maniacal Mad Lads That Don't Give A Dang

They play by their own rules.
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old people making funny mistakes on social media

25 Old People On Social Media Who Tried Their Best

Technology is hard.
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A Twitter thread about a guy making an assumption about his classmate always saving him a desk.

Guy's Pure Twitter Thread Is Lesson In Not Judging People

Solid friendship origin story.
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