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Relationship memes are a basic tenant of meme sharing in general. There are relationship memes that single people can enjoy. There are relationship memes that are cutesy if you're into that sort of thing. There are funny relationship memes. There are relationship memes of many kinds as is the case with all things meme. 

boyfriend relationship relationships girlfriend dating - 16247813

Insane Girlfriend Tries to Charge Her Boyfriend For Her "Services"

A giant walking red flag.
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cake aita marriage drama birthday relationships couples dating - 16237573

Wife Makes Husband Promise That He Will Eat His Entire Birthday Cake in One Day, He Does and Gets Insulted

There was just no way that he could win in this scenario.
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aita relationship relationships family sister dating - 16236293

Woman Kicks Her Younger Sister Out After She Hooks Up With Her Friend's Ex

This week on "Maury".
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funny tinder tinder relationships dating - 16234245

Tantalizing Tidbits From the Top Talents of Tinder

Jokes, memes, and dreams from the modern world of dating.
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privacy wtf annoying mother relationships lol prank funny trick - 16235269

Woman Hides Weird Self-Affirmations To Prank Fiancé's Snooping Mom

Sometimes parents just want to help. Sometimes parents just want to help too much. But sometimes that's all just a cover. Sometimes moms be snoopin'. And this lady decided that she should make fun of a snoopin' mom by throwing some extra bombshells into the daily affirmations. This isn't the only way someone has tricked a nosy mom. Here's this snooping mother-in-law who got tricked with a decoy key
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aita relationships uncle divorce family - 16234757

Guy Calls Little Brother Out When Brother Trash Talks His Ex-Wife, Exposes Him in Front of Everyone

Play stupid games win stupid prizes.
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FAIL tinder cringe relationships dating - 16209925

Woman Invites Guy Out For Dinner, Gets Upset When He Won't Pay For Her $110 Lobster and Wine

This is not a situation where it is fair to split the bill.
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Wealthy girlfriend enjoys wearing no clothing around her staff

Wealthy-Entitled Classist Girlfriend Thinks It’s Ok to Wear Little-To-No Clothing Around Her Staff, Doesn’t Care if She is Making Them Uncomfortable

We're all for body positivity. But SHEESH.
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aita marriage wife relationships parenting husband entitled - 16199941

Entitled Husband Expects House to Be Spotless But Won’t Help With the Cleaning, Brings Guests Over Without Notice

You should probably give your wife a hand dude.
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husband doesn't like spicy food and ruins wife's birthday

Husband Can't Handle Spicy Food, Makes Scene, Ruins Wife's Birthday

There are better ways to deal with this.
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FAIL grandma relationships tifu funny dating - 16198405

Woman Thinks Boyfriend is Cheating on Her, It’s His Grandmother

Awkward if true.
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FAIL relationships tifu funny dating - 16200197

Guy Messes Up Chances For a Date When He Texts Like A Bot As a Joke, Gets Unmatched

Poor lad gets unmatched when he pretends to text like a bot.
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insane psycho terrible wtf selfish relationships entitled - 16196357

Dirtbag Feels Entitled To Leave "Poor" Boyfriend After Saddling Him With Debt

That is some serious psycho behavior. The weird thing about certain people is that their capacity for soulless class-grabbing vastly outweighs their ability to self-reflect. And that's how you get absolutely vile and vampiric behavior such as this. The internet was quick to cut through this lady's lofty excuses and boiled her actions down to pure selfishness. For some more wildness, here's the stealing wife who turned fugitive and got tracked down.
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expectations vs reality tinder relationships literalism funny dating - 16184069

Guy Sends Tinder Match a Picture of His "Eggplant" and Defies Her Expectations

Man that thing is huge!
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aita friends model relationships girlfriend modeling dating - 16171525

Insecure Boyfriend Asks Artist Friend to Skip Class When His Girlfriend Gets Selected as the Nude Model

Understandable reaction. Poor rationalization and actions.
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pro revenge marriage stealing relationships divorce revenge - 16180997

Wife Steals From Clients and Husband, Turns Fugitive, He Tracks Her Down

Don't f&^k with a man's Star Wars toys.
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