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Relationship memes are a basic tenant of meme sharing in general. There are relationship memes that single people can enjoy. There are relationship memes that are cutesy if you're into that sort of thing. There are funny relationship memes. There are relationship memes of many kinds as is the case with all things meme. 

relationships dating aita controlling - 17312773

Boyfriend Claims Nepotism, Wants Girlfriend to Quit Job So He Can Control Her, Wonders if He's Wrong

Well, she's more of an ex-girlfriend at this point.
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aita marriage relationships dating - 17313797

This Guy Inexplicably Wakes His Wife Up to Ask Her the Time, People Are Perplexed

Life often presents us with great difficulties that seek to try out every measure of wit. Checking the time on a digital clock is not one of these things. The digital clock has removed all effort and skill required to tell the time, and even that was taught at a first-grade level. Inexplicably, this guy is absolutely unwilling and unable to lift his phone in the middle of the night, press the button to turn it on, and then scan his eyes across the screen to tell the time. He would rather wake h…
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how people found out their partner was cheating

25 People Share How They Figured Out They Were Being Cheated On

It can be a process.
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pregnancy drama ex girlfriend paternity relationships parenting paternity test children - 17278213

Parent Stands Ground When Son's Ex-Girlfriend Reveals She's Pregnant, Demands Paternity Test

That child miiiiiight not be this person's son's kid.
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people's screw this I'm out moments

Times People Said "Screw This, I'm Out"

Knowing what to put up with is important.
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marriage relationships dating - 17261829

Husband Caught in a Bit of a Pickle When His Lies Are Uncovered

When you've been married to or dating someone for years it's easy to get complacent and think that you know everything there is to know about them. It can be surprising then when they then throw something at you completely out of left field. It's in those moments that you're then reminded just how deep different facets of ourselves can be buried. This combined with the fact that who we are is constantly shifting, growing, and changing can hopefully keep things interesting enough in a long-term…
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People Reveal Scams That Have Been So Normalized That We Don’t Even Realize They Are Scams Anymore

People Reveal Scams That Have Been So Normalized That We Don’t Even Realize They Are Scams Anymore

We all got to do our own research
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boyfriend is wrong about car, needs help changing tire, gets left on side of the road

Boyfriend Needs Help Changing Tire, Has Tantrum When Told He's Wrong About His Car

Dude needed a chill pill.
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relationships girlfriend dating - 17246213

"Tired Girl" Girlfriend Mad That She Got Ditched While Oversleeping

Where them "Tired Girls" at?
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dating fails tinder relationships funny dating - 17251589

Guy Gets Absolutely Eviscerated By Tinder Girl After Terrible Pickup Lines Fail Epically

There's no coming back from that.
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aita marriage relationships wedding family dating - 17245957

Brother-In-Law Starts Wedding Drama Over His Friendship With Groom's Ex-Girlfriend

Maybe he shouldn't be at the wedding.
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marriage relationships - 17245701

Wife Invites Mother to Anniversary Getaway, Husband is Put Out

A romantic vacation for you, me... and your mother.
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aita puppy relationships dating - 17229061

Pathetically Sad Puppy Makes Boyfriend Into a Liar, Breaks Promise to Girlfriend

He wouldn't make it long as a secret agent.
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aita marriage drama relationships family - 17228805

Husband Volunteers Wife to Bake Mother's Cake in Presumptuous Birthday Mistake

We're just going to come right out and say it. This one is a definite “ESH” (Everybody Sucks Here.) The husband sucks for volunteering his wife to bake his mother's cake in front of the said mother without checking with his wife first. She also sucks for her reaction, being outwardly rude and instigating further conflict by bringing his relationship with her mother into it. The guy might have been an idiot for volunteering her in the first place but, to his credit, his wife even admits that he…
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ask reddit tinder relationships online dating dating - 17228037

35 People Share the Most Unattractive Things They See in Dating Profiles

Everyone has something that gives them the “ick” I've definitely covered this before, but mine is any sort of eating, mouth, or food noises. It's just something that I absolutely can not tolerate and can quickly drive me up the bloody wall. It's completely irrational, and I'm happy to admit that, but just something about the way those noises touch my ears makes my skin crawl. Traditionally people would say, “Like nails on a chalkboard.” for me, it's' “An open mouth chewer churning through a slo…
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aita relationships dating - 17216517

Insecure Boyfriend Flees His Own Birthday Getaway Weekend When His Babe of a Girlfriend Calls Him "Safe"

He needs to boost his self confidence.
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