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Relationship memes are a basic tenant of meme sharing in general. There are relationship memes that single people can enjoy. There are relationship memes that are cutesy if you're into that sort of thing. There are funny relationship memes. There are relationship memes of many kinds as is the case with all things meme. 

tinder relationships dating - 16823813

Top Tinder Moments of the Week (April 11, 2022)

These smoldering Tinder moments are the hottest collection of ridiculous and funny interactions that you'll find on the internet this week. This week's contestants found various forms of rejection in the wild world of online dating. From failed pickup lines, rude responses, and mysterious mistaken catfish scenarios. This week has got them all. At least one fortunate soul had the chance of a lifetime dropped upon them when they realized that the person that they had matched with was staying on t…
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aita relationships dating - 16817413

Bold Pizza Delivery Guy Slips Private Note Under Woman's Door, Her Jealous Boyfriend Gets Him Fired

Does this guy sound jealous and insecure to you? Don't get me wrong… Protecting your girlfriend (or any woman) from the unwanted advances of a creepy guy who doesn't know boundaries is the right thing to do. But it doesn't sound like this boyfriend had any idea what his girlfriend's relationship with this guy was. Not to mean that she has any sort of romantic relationship with this chap… But the boyfriend could definitely be overstepping if she is routinely friendly with him to the point that t…
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ask reddit relationships dating - 669447

Guys Share Their Biggest Turnoffs and Worst Date Experiences

Ladies, take notes.
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relationships dating - 16765445

Stalker Ex-Girlfriend Determined to Be the Mother of Ex-Boyfriend's Son, Shows Up to Birthday Uninvited, Gets Kicked Out

A couple experienced a tragic end to their relationship over ongoing fertility issues that appeared to be originating from the boyfriend. When the couple went their separate ways he had a one-night stand with another woman and accidentally got her pregnant. This “miracle” pregnancy gave him his son, but now the ex-girlfriend is determined to be a part of their lives, in a twisted sort of way. This thread was posted to Reddit's r/AmItheA**hole subreddit by the boyfriend, Reddit user u/r_marksss7…
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aita relationships in laws - 16754949

Former Escort Humiliates Father-In-Law When He Makes Inappropriate Joke About Her Past

Commenters have vigorously defended a woman who humiliated her father-in-law at a family engagement. The incident occurred after the woman found out she was pregnant, her brother-in-law had revealed her history as an escort to his family and her father-in-law took the chance to lash out at the woman with cruel humor. The thread was posted to r/AmItheA**hole by the woman in question, who goes by the Reddit username u/Exciting_Stick_2674 (OP). She posted the topic titled ‘AITA for embarrassing my…
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woman uses boyfriend to fund school and breaks up with him as soon as she becomes a lawyer

Woman Milks Boyfriend For Tuition, Dumps Him After Graduation, Gets Called Out During Speech

Tricksy, tricksy.
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how people discovered cheating partners

People Share How They Found Out Their Ex Was Cheating

Head on a swivel.
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aita relationships dating - 16744197

Guy Locks Girlfriend Along With Her Sister and Two Children Out of His House, Actually Might Have a Point

A boyfriend locked his longtime girlfriend, her sister, and the sister's two children out of his home after what he had determined to be a betrayal. He has now taken to Reddit to see if he was in the wrong. Now, this might sound really bad at first glance but give this guy a chance and let him explain. This thread was posted to r/AmItheAsshole by the guy, Reddit user u/simpleguyy6 (OP). OP thought that his house and belongings might be at risk if he allowed his girlfriend to have continued acce…
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aita relationships dating - 16721925

Guy Insults Ex In Front of Her Husband, Wonders if He's Wrong

Presenting: This guy. u/throwawaysnapchat_ra posted this topic to r/AmItheAsshole after a disastrous interaction on what became a painfully long flight. He ran into his ex-girlfriend from University on a flight and recognized her before she realized who he was. They were seated next to one another, and once he confirmed who she was when she removed her mask momentarily, he engaged her in conversation. Unbeknownst to him, the man seated next to her on the other side was her, now, husband. Things…
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cringey cringe nice guys relationships dating - 16720389

"Nice Guy" Gets Roasted For Harassing Woman With Cringey Messages

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AITA for dropping him and his daughter off at a rental car place states away from home?

Woman's Boyfriend Can't Control His Entitled Daughter When They Invite Themselves On Her Holiday, She Leaves Them At a Car Rental and Tells Them to Find Their Way Home

After her boyfriend invited himself and his brat daughter on this mother's holiday with her sons, they could not have been on worse behavior. After putting up with the daughter's entitled behavior for most of the trip, the mother snapped and sent them packing, leaving them at a car rental agency and telling them to find their way home. The altercation between the couple occurred after a series of infuriating events enabled by the boyfriend, Dave, a 44-year-old male and perpetrated by his 17-yea…
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people who ran into someone who rejected them

People Who Later Ran Into The Person Who Rejected Them

Some episodes of life have a part 2.
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signs someone is romantically interested

Obvious Signs That Someone Is Romantically Interested

We're all doin' our best out here.
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weird date stories twitter

Twitter Users Share The Strangest Things They've Seen Dates Do

There's gotta be a better way.
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What's the craziest thing an ex friend/lover has done to you? | Neon sign depicting a broken heart

20 People Share the Most Unhinged and Twisted Things Their Crazy Ex Did to Them in This Viral Thread

Time to break out the popcorn.
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crazy things people's exes did

People Share The Craziest Things Their Exes Have Done

It's nice to be out.
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