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Don’t want my help? Sure! Go ahead and get yourself fired

'Go ahead and get yourself fired': Movie theater worker tries to help out entitled coworker, he refuses, cue petty revenge

This entitled, annoying coworker definitely had it coming!
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Literal Karen tries to avoid mandatory tip by ripping up receipt

'Terrible service, never coming back': Cranky Karen refuses to pay mandatory tip, rips up the check

The nerve of this Karen!
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Want to put my kid in detention for farting. You can pay for the cost of getting him home

'What compelled her to think that flatulence in class was worth so much punishment?': Teacher keeps giving kid detention for farting

This teacher was on quite the power trip!
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'We are to call him Daddy Cool': Entitled, unhinged boss insists employees call him weird nicknames, cue malicious complaince

This man-child sounds like the ultimate nightmare!
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My husband has a dating app, I don’t know how to feel about it

Update! 'My husband has a dating app': Husband downloads Tinder because he's 'bored,' wife confronts him

There are lots of things married people can do when they're bored; downloading Tinder is not one of them.
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What happens if you have questions?

Viral Tweet: Guy Discovers That His Online Professor Passed Away 3 Years Ago

If this isn't evidence of a desperate education system, I don't know what is!
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AITA for getting my daughter a hotel room entirely for herself after her stepsisters made her sleep on the floor?

'What is this? Cinderella reloaded?': Real-life evil stepsisters make guy's daughter sleep on the floor

Haven't we all heard this story before?
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AITA for calling my sister for treating her child better then me

Update! 'I got the harsh and cold side of her': Ungrateful sister unleashes wrath on her sibling over spilled milk

There's nothing quite like seeing someone out of line get completely roasted.
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This is a new restaurant that opened up in my town and their response to gluten allergies.

'But is it a burger if there is no bun': Self-righteous restaurant owner refuses to accept customer's gluten free allergy

For once, we've got a perfectly reasonable 1-star review and an incredibly unreasonable business owner!
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My boss exploded

'You should have all said OK Boomer': Horrible Boss explodes at employees, causing mass exodus

It's you! Hi! You're the problem, it's you!
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Been asking the landlord to investigate the sagging roof in my kitchen for months now, came home to find this tonight

Tenant Tries To Get Shady Landlord To Fix Sagging Roof, Leads To Disastrous Apartment Fail!

I smell a lawsuit or, at the very least, a few months of free rent!
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AITA for using the bathroom frequently on the flight?

'No one needs to drink enough to pee four times in less than three hours': Rude guy keeps getting up to go to the bathroom on flight

Is this guy serious or was this a big conspiracy to get his neighbor to give up the aisle seat?
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Fired 2 hours into new job for going off camera for 10 minutes

'He told me I can reapply once I'm more prepared for this job': Dude gets fired less than 2 hours into his first day

As much as we want to side with the employee on this one, you have to be pretty bad at your job to get fired after 2 hours.
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AITA for showing up to my husband's Dr appointment?

'You're an obsessive helicopter wife': Guy asks for privacy at his doctor's appointment, wife shows up unannounced

The things clingy and obsessive people do in the name of being "supportive!"
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Karen hurls abuse at 13 old before her husband tries to grab him across the counter

Enraged Karen and Kevin curse out a 13-year-old at a restaurant

This Karen and Kevin are a match made in heaven.
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Just f***ing leave? Well alrighty then!

'You told me to leave and go home': Crazy ex storms out of car and tells BF to drive home, he does and she loses it

One could say this guy was just following instructions!
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