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customer service malicious compliance revenge reddit thread Reddit customer support retail customers - 17633285

Malicious Compliance: Receptionist Refuses to Help Patient in Person, So They Phone Her Instead

When this patient walked up to the receptionist to try and make an appointment they were told that appointments could be made over the phone only, so they whipped out their phone and called the doctor's office right in front of the receptionist. Bureaucracies are an inertant force and dealing with them can be like dredging sludge off the ocean floor. Their entire existence serves to slow penetration and discourage inquiries from advancing any further than they need to. In favor of the reception…
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insane insane parents viral-thread relationships viral family reddit thread Reddit Parenting Fail parents mildlyinfuriating text message - 17633029

Viral Thread: Mother Gives Family Dog to Shelter Without Telling Anyone

This mother returned the family dog to the animal shelter, an act that has infuriated the internet after screenshots of a text message exchange were posted in this viral thread . The very thought of this happening to the poor teen and their dog breaks out heart. It's astounding how cold and callous some people can be. The screenshots were shared on Reddit 's r/ MildlyInfuriating subreddit by Redditor u/Bucket0fMilk, who is reportedly the son of the mother in the text message exchange. Despite d…
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customer service malicious compliance restaurant workplace reddit thread Reddit service industry - 17620997

Malicious Compliance: Restaurant Worker Told to Reconsider Having Two Jobs, Quits

This worker was working a second job as a greeter at a popular restaurant before the manager told them that they needed to reconsider having two jobs. When they paused to reconsider this as requested, they decided that the job at the restaurant was the one worth giving up. They went into their next shift in their street clothes and announced that they would be quitting and not coming back. As much as we love to side with employees in these types of stories, a couple of things that stick out to…
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malicious compliance revenge workplace Horrible Bosses reddit thread Reddit - 17598469

Arrogant Boss Tries to Trick Worker Into Extending Notice Period, So He Walks Out Almost Naked

When this arrogant boss tried to trick this teen into extending their notice period and demanded they return their work uniform, the teen had put up with enough and walked out of the store in their boxers.
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dating fails relationship text message mildlyinfuriating relationships reddit thread online dating Reddit dating - 17607173

Guy Loses It When His Date Orders, Then Eats, A Sizeable Salad

A woman received this message from her first date telling her that he thought they were incompatible because of the way she had eaten her salad during the date. Her date went on to explain that the way she ate her salad was "greedy" and wasn't "ladylike."
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idontworkherelady tech support it ceo IT guy Horrible Bosses reddit thread Reddit - 17620741

Update: Arrogant CEO Demands IT Contractor Serve Him A Cup of Coffee, Contractor Walks Out

This IT guy is retired but still contracts with his old employer, and he was called in to help one of their clients with their “ancient inventory system.” When the CEO of the client sauntered on in demanding a cup of joe from the IT guy, things were about to go very poorly. This lengthy tale was told by Redditor u/ShelLuser42 who shared their story to the r/Idontworkherelady subreddit, a growing subreddit where people share stories where they have been mistaken for an employee. Typically these…
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customer service manager malicious compliance entitled rude karen reddit thread Reddit - 17598981

Karen Loses Her Mind, Her Husband Loses His Business

This incredibly rude Karen tangled with a customer service manager who had the authority to terminate her and her husband's lease. When she lost her mind, they lost their lease and their business instead.
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coworkers workplace coworker aita reddit thread - 17598725

Dickbag Coworker Complains Woman's Shoulders Are Showing... Meanwhile, He's Not Even Wearing Shoes

This rude coworker saw fit to submit their two cents on what this woman was wearing to work while they were standing barefoot in the office. There's something insanely hypocritical about that entire sentence…
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text message text messages interviews workplace viral idiots texting reddit thread Reddit job interview interview viral-thread mildlyinfuriating - 17592325

Viral Thread: Certified-Idiot Interviewer Hits On Married Woman

An interviewer crossed a line when they proceeded to hit on a married applicant over text message. Screenshots of the exchange were posted online by the woman's husband where the interviewer has earned the ire of the internet in a viral thread.
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Kitchen Confidential waiting food service service kitchen bartender service industry reddit thread Reddit - 17585157

Delivery Guy's Sky-High Stack of Boxes Floods Entire Kitchen in Surprising Chain of Events

We've all been there; you're already having a bad day, behind schedule, and rushing to try and catch up to get back on top of things. All this hustle leads you to make a critical error that you wouldn't normally have made… If you're lucky you catch it. If not, well, that could be the end of your entire career.
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antiwork toxic-workplace mental health workplace Horrible Bosses work reform social issues reddit thread Reddit - 17585413

Viral Thread: Employee Tries to Take Mental Health Day, Employer Has Terrible Response

Shortly after their posting to Reddit's r/antiwork subreddit, screenshots of this request for a "Mental Health" day have gone viral.
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relationships reddit thread Reddit dating funny tinder tinder online dating tifu - 17585925

Guy Lands Smoke-Show Tinder Date, Ends Up Audience to an MLM Sales Pitch

She's a ten but tries to pitch her MLM on the first date.
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crazy entitled parents server waiter waiting Kitchen Confidential food service entitled reddit thread Reddit karen entitled people service industry - 17584901

Entitled Karen Wants A Salad, Orders a Not Salad, Throws a Tantrum

This entitled Karen insisted on ordering a salad. However, the salad she was ordering was, in fact, not a salad. Despite the waiter's attempts to explain this to her, she refused to listen and then proceeded to have a meltdown once her "salad" arrived.
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neighbors parking space drama neighbor-drama terrible-neighbor parking neighbor viral-thread karen text message reddit thread Reddit mildlyinfuriating - 17592581

Viral Thread: Neighbor Leaves Rude Note on Car For Parking in Front of Their House, The Internet is Heavily Divided Over Who is Wrong

An exchange between two neighbors has gone viral after one of the neighbors posted screenshots of their exchange online. Responses to the This thread was posted to r/mildlyinfuriating by Redditor u/kayaniv with the title “Our neighbor doesn't like it if anyone parks on the street in front of their house.” There the thread has earned 16.4k upvotes.
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employee malicious compliance employees supervisor workplace Horrible Bosses employment reddit thread Reddit - 17576197

New Manager Cancels Overtime, Supervisor Leaves Them to Wrap-Up Alone

"Clock out at shift's end, no exceptions."
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aita marriage ron swanson relationships reddit thread vegetarian Reddit meat - 17585669

Wife Serves Fake Meat to Meat-Loving Husband and Son, They Freak Out, Sparks Voracious Online Debate

This wife and her daughters decided to play a trick on the male members of the household, who held a ridiculous disdain for any meat alternatives. (They clearly have been taking one too many pages out of Ron Swanson's book.)
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