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aita marriage relationships cheating dinner reddit thread Reddit couple - 19852805

'He has no right to treat me like this over chicken alfredo': Married couple has wild argument over chicken alfredo

Our guess is this was about much more than delicious pasta.
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employee toxic-workplace job mildly infuriating reddit thread Reddit job interview interview toxic-work-environment - 19838981

'I do not schedule interviews for candidates who are currently employed': HR shows true colors with bogus hiring policy, internet reacts

We all know that employers can be ruthless during the hiring process, but this hiring manager made it clear just how ruthless they can be.
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hoa malicious compliance petty revenge petty social media reddit thread Reddit entitled people - 19840005

'She blushed a color I'd never seen before': Nosy HOA busybody keeps pestering lady about her social media profile, lady gives petty response

This is what you get for being nosy!
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boss workplace-stories work stories Horrible Bosses entitled reddit thread Reddit entitled people - 19836421

'A week after I left, my boss fell into burnout': Employee quits after doing her boss's job for her, boss can't keep up with her own tasks, gets fired

There's this crazy thing that happens after the employee who basically does your job for you leaves: you are going to have to do your own job.
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boss work-story workplace-stories manager workplace Horrible Bosses reddit thread Reddit - 19834373

'Expect surprise visits from me': Boss enforces strict no phone policy filled with ridiculous typos

It's hard to be taken seriously as a manager when your messages are overflowing with typos and misspellings.
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family drama aita marriage wedding family reddit thread Reddit reception - 19817989

'Only water will be provided': Bridezilla only wants water at her wedding, gets roasted in the comments

This bride and groom might as well just elope at this point. There's already too much drama about this ceremony. For starters, of course, we want to acknowledge that there is absolutely nothing wrong with a dry wedding. We understand and are sympathetic to those wishes. But to choose to cut wedding costs by refusing to provide any other beverages is simply too far. You might as well tattoo the words “My Wedding is Boring” to your forehead. As many folks in the comments pointed out, there are nu…
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entitled parents parking space mother entitled reddit thread Reddit parking entitled people - 19823109

'Fainting doesn't look like that': Entitled Karen gets caught using accessible parking space, lies about condition and faints in front of police

As horrible as she is, you have to admire Karen's commitment to the bit. I mean, this lady tried to steal the Redditor's accessible parking space without a placard, then when the police came by to interrogate the situation, she tried to steal the Redditor's disability. And to top it all off, she tried to act light-headed and fake faint. I mean, you can't make all this up. This thread was posted to Reddit's r/entitledparents subreddit by u/little_acacia , who unfortunately suffers from an invisi…
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AITA for leaving an equal inheritance to my stepson as my bio kids

Dad Gives His Stepson an Equal Share of His Inheritance, Faces the Wrath of His Biological Children

You know that feeling when your father drafts his will in such a messed up way that it becomes clear he should really be investing in therapy instead?
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hoa neighbors neighborhood entitled reddit thread Reddit parents entitled people - 19815685

'They were trying to scam us into paying': Entitled dude mows neighbor's lawn without permission then charges them for it

Dude, no one asked you to mow my lawn!
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malicious compliance customers engineering technician entitled reddit thread Reddit entitled people - 19814405

'JUST DO THE TEST': Entitled customer gets into fight with technician and goes against advice, fiery compliance ensues

Whoever came up with the saying "the customer is always right" should be seriously questioned. In this instance, we have an intense conflict between a technician and a so-called “engineer” customer. This guy went against the technician's advice several times and insisted that the technician perform what he knew would be a destructive test. The technician shared his story via this thread on Reddit's r/MaliciousCompliance subreddit. He tried to explain to the customer that this was a mistake, eve…
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neighbors gardening neighborhood garden revenge petty revenge reddit thread Reddit - 19798533

'This pettiness was mint to bee': Neighbor gets petty gardening revenge on lying Karen next door

There's nothing like planting mint and attracting bees to get some much-needed petty revenge on your Karen neighbor!
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AITA for doing a cop photo shoot because of what my ex did?

Woman's Ex-Boyfriend Calls the Cops When He Moves Out, She Mocks Him With a Cop Photo Shoot

Nothing like a bottle of wine and two Party City cop costumes to get proper revenge on your ex.
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boyfriend milk relationships girlfriend breakup reddit thread Reddit couple - 19800069

'You disrespected me by consuming my almond milk': Woman gets on a plane and leaves boyfriend because of milk, leaves dramatic letter

Every so often on the Internet, you come across a crazy story and scroll through the comments, realizing that no one is acknowledging the behavior of the storyteller.
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customer service tales-from-the-front-desk karens guests hotel reddit thread Reddit entitled people - 19802117

Top Tales From the Front Desk This Week (March 22, 2023)

Does anyone have it harder than the front desk agent in this age of horrific Karens, annoying teenagers, and entitled folks?
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workplace-stories work stories toxic-workplace malicious compliance workplace reddit thread Reddit toxic-work-environment - 19763973

'IT for this company are not the brightest': IT ignores print company's problem orders

Problems don't solve themselves!
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workplace-stories work stories toxic-workplace work workplace reddit thread Reddit toxic-work-environment - 19762437

‘I’ve emailed people. NOTHING’: Guy with no manager and no work to do has been getting paid for 7 months and counting

This may sound like the beginning of a dystopian film, but this is actually real. This employee was hired back in the fall for a large company and has since found himself with no manager, no oversight, and most importantly, no work to do. He has asked for assignments and has kept a log of emails proving his efforts to get more work, but he is convinced at this point that he’s just lost in the shuffle. The best part of it all, though, is that he has still been getting paid for 7 months and count…
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