Construction Fails

30 More Totally Idiotic Construction Fails

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woman demands people don't park in the public parking near her house

Crazy Lady Harasses Guy With Infuriating Texts For Parking In Public Spot

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funny notes left for bad parkers

30 People Who Are Terrible At Parking Share the Most Painfully Passive Aggressive Notes They've Received

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trolling driving Video parking - 86138881

Driver Fails to Park Inside the Lines, Gets Taught Hilarious Lesson By Trolls

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Rules for a Happy and Successful Life: Don't Smoke, Learn to Park

fail parking note don't smoke
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motorcycle security camera parking - 84792833

After An Amazing 41-Point Turn, This Motorcyclist Cannot Get Out Of This Parking Spot

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This is the Greatest Note of All Time to Leave For Someone Who Sucks at Parking

funny fail image horrible parking resulted in getting the ultimate bad parking note
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list Video win parking - 1061381

The Best Way to Get Out of a Parking Ticket is To Use Parking Logic

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Parking at the Eye Doctors Has Its Challenges

funny fail image parking signs at eye doctor all bent backwards
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Backed Perfectly Into that Spot, Right?

FAIL cars classic parking - 8814535936
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Some Heroes Keep Chalk in Their Car

classic win parking chalk - 8816905728
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busted tow truck Video parking - 267783

Good Guy Citizen Catches Philadelphia Tow Truck Company Baiting Cars and Towing Them

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Are You a Bottom or a Top? Asking For a Parking Lot

funny fail image UK Fiat parked on top of another car
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Usually You've Got a Spot For These Right Up Front

chair FAIL parking - 8817242880
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FAIL ferrari driving Video parking - 81900289

Parallel Parking is So Much Harder When You Have No Idea How Badly You're F*cking it Up

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It's About to Get Real

parenting parking - 8964966656
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