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Little Girl Has Some Serious Parking Skills

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This Is What Happens When You Park in a Handicap Spot in Brazil

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When Did Ace Ventura Learn To Drive a Tank?

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Congratulations on Being the Worst Parker of the Year!

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We've All Wanted to Do This to Improperly-Parked Cars

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Beautiful Poetry in the Parking Lot

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There, I Parked It

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Hang On, Gotta Feed the Meter

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Frustration of the Day: Woman Tries Parking Her Car, Fails Miserably

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Don't Take it Out on Carpet!

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You Can't Park There

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Why Your Parking Lot is Always a Mess

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Car Mating FAIL

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That Will Buff Out, No Worries

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Parking Violations Apply to Military-Grade Vehicles Too!

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Fail of the Day: Congresswomen Eleanor Holmes Norton’s Terrible Parking Job Caught on Video

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