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TikToker's Parking Lot Life Hack Rocks The Internet

We've been doing it all wrong, folks.
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Guy illegal parks in handicap space, gets blocked in and misses a job interview | Posted by nunya__bidness idiot and handicapped parking spot attending school (adult education career training) one my classmates Bob had an artificial leg. Other than walking with limp and not being able stand long periods wouldn't really notice.

Guy Teaches A Lesson To Handicap Spot Hog

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
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Karen parks in handicap space and then gets blocked in | r/EntitledPeople Posted by u/fredzred 5 days ago 3 S Karen Won't Get Out Handicap Parking Space And Gets Angry She Gets Blocked Here thinking ran out entitled people stories don't involve my mother, but back with yet another one. This happened few days ago recovering abdominal surgery 12 days prior this happened finally feeling up shopping and there were things needed hardware store 30yo disabled female wheelchair (incomplete quadriplegic)

Karen Takes Sweet Time In Handicap Space, Gets Blocked In

It only makes sense.
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Neighbors insist on being total waking nightmares so a parking lot drama ensues.

Neighbors Insist On Being Waking Nightmares, Parking Fiasco Ensues

These people sound pretty much insufferable.
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Man parks his car improperly too many times, and then a stinky punishment ensues.

Man Parks Improperly Too Many Times, Stinky Punishment Ensues

What a fascinating tale.
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tenant won't give up parking space for handicapped woman | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/itsmyparkingspot 17 hours ago 26 4 33 87 AITA refusing give my parking spot disabled woman live an apartment building comes with 1 spot parking garage. My spot is one closest elevator. 2 weeks ago apartment manager came talk and asked if would be willing give up my spot since disabled woman moving said sure would be happy switch spaces. He said misunderstood he asking give up space garage entirely

Tenant Refuses to Give Up Parking Spot for Disabled Lady

That's an awkward one.
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Guy takes petty revenge on neighbor who keeps parking in his spot | r/pettyrevenge Join u/master_shot Parking revenge! So little back story before get actual revenge story live really small and tight street with super limited parking spots, but is like unwritten rule every parks front their place not some one elses. Recently this douchbag moved across street and he has 4 cars! 3 just sit around and 1 he drives daily and he has those junkers parked all over taking other

Guy Buries Neighbor's Car In Mountain Of Snow

Serves the neighbor right.
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Karen throws fit for parking spot, doesn't get it | r/pettyrevenge Posted by u/luridfox 19 hours ago throw fit my spot have all day TLDR lady followed my parking spot and impatiently waited, honking and yelling sat there waiting her until she gave up then gave left and somebody else got spot. This is few years back, but still delight at memory leaving grocery store and walked my car noticed car slowly driving down, almost following Now had pretty good spot, so figured they wanted my spot

Rude Karen Honks for Spot, Driver Has All Day

Even her kids weren't on her side
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Cop car blocks ambulence, so the sergeant gets him towed | r/pettyrevenge Posted by u/ZZZ-Top 1 day ago Wont move patrol car let ambulance out, ill let sergeant deal with This happened around 4th July, there small fender bender and emergency services get called out. My towing company sends out by accident not realizing flatbed at scene could tow both vehicles. There one ambulance and 5 police cruisers 3 cruisers blocking road, 1 directing traffic and then asshole who showed up after scene secure

Cop Blocks Ambulance, Sergeant Gets Him Towed

Lessons were learned.
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Couple ends up getting divorced over a parking spot | r/ProRevenge Join u/CharGamerYT 300d Parking Spot Causes Divorce Ok so this isn't story about This is about my neighbor. This is exactly he told this story and witnessed portions myself. Back Story: My neigbor, who will call David(not real name and my other neighbor, who will call Karen(not real name) often got into arguements about who owns part property. They live right next eachother so this is understandable. Karen known being Karen so th

Bickering Couple Gets Divorced Over Parking Spot

What a scene.
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satisfying karma video parking bully gets owned

Parking Enforcement Bully Gets Her Car Clamped For Targeting Disabled Man

Well done.
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Entitled Drivers That Parked Badly

We share a road with these people.
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Guy keeps parking on land so the owner charges him for it | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/TboneXXIV 2 days ago 2 2 3 can't park there. Ok can, but will cost oc M My parents had this problem with guy parking tractor trailer on their land. He lives right across one their pecan groves grove has well spaced trees all neat rows grass is mowed super short ground is really flat looks like an ideal place pull rig if don't know better.

Guy Keeps Parking on Property, So Owner Starts Charging Him

Not the Pecans!
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Karen won't move from construction site reserved parking spot, gets blocked in | r/ProRevenge u/BBQLunch 2y JOIN O 2 3 2 "Can't just unload around So this happened earlier today and to0 perfect not share with guys work construction as foreman new house build location is kinda strange house is 250 feet up hill via foot path only. All our materials have come up this foot path by hand s pain ass manually carry, quite literally, an ENTIRE HOUSE up this hill. One our

Karen Parks In Construction Site Reserved Parking, Won't Move, Gets Blocked In

Should've just moved.
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A Chef delivering food to a law firm gets hired and fired to get by the rules of the security guard | r/IDontWorkHerelady Posted by u/Ars-Torok 8 hours ago 4 day hired and fired law firm XXXL Not sure if this one belongs here, but hope enjoy anyway. So this is about five years ago worked as chef at bakery my job make everything but baked goods. Every morning Baker and would walk at about 4 am and knock out all food needed day. This would leave ready go home around 10 AM or so. This put us at

Chef Gets Hired by Law Firm to Foil Security Guard

That's some chaotic good right there.
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A collection of people that parked their cars like total jerks.

People That Parked Their Cars Like Blatant Jerks

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