Couple decided to steal a deeded parking space | I work in a place with a deeded parking garage - each spaced is owned by a resident. But we only have 75 spots, and 300 units. If you don't have a spot, ya gotta permit park your car on the street or find a parking garage in the neighborhood.

'Granny told them it would be $150 bucks': Entitled couple steals deeded parking space, has their car trapped... and faces the wrath of "Granny"

Once in a while, you come across someone who you decided to mess with and who you absolutely should not have messed with. Notable entries to this list who come to mind would be John Wick (seriously, leave the guy's dog alone), Master Chief (Grunts don't call him “The Demon” for nothing), Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino (who inspired the intro quote), and Granny (park in her space at your own peril). These individuals all have the common trait of displaying a laid-back outward demeanor that doesn'…
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Park across 2 spaces so nobody parks next to you? Challenge accepted!

'HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GET IN!': Entitled parkers try to take multiple parking spots and leave one tiny one, dude accepts their challenge

Sometimes a moment so perfect presents itself to us that it's impossible to resist temptation — even if it's something we know we shouldn't be doing. Bonus points here if doing said inadvisable act results in just desserts being served on deserving, entitled persons. That's the chance that presented itself to Redditor u/Jack932008 when they happened across a tiny empty parking space that we being encroached upon by the two adjacent entitled parkers, who were trying to keep their cars well away…
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Block my driveway? I don't know where your car went. | This JUST happened. In fact I am still a little pumped of adrenaline (Off such a little act, WHAT a rush).

'He looked incredibly confused': Guy parks van in dudes driveway, dude makes van disappear

“I am going to make this van… — disappear!” If you could describe this story with a single movie title, it would be: “Gone in 60 seconds"; because that's just about how long it took to orchestrate this genius act of towing revenge
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Oh you’re gonna call cops bc 1/5th of my car is past the no parking sign, guess I’m gonna park there everyday now

'The last time I parked there, the lady [...] looked LIVID': Woman gets petty revenge on entitled neighbors by parking in their spot

This Karen neighbor does not own a public parking spot!
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Neighbor tells another neighbor to call the city… they did. | "Well apparently they got into a shouting match with one of the other neighbors over it with the offending neighbor telling the other neighbor if they don’t like it call the city."

'They got into a shouting match': Neighbor blocks sidewalk with SUV and tells other neighbor to report them if they don't like it... The predictable happens

Maybe, just maybe, if you're breaking a rule (or law) and you get into a dispute with someone over you breaking said rule/law… Maybe, it would be best not to dare that person to report you to whatever authority holds jurisdiction over said thing? Just saying… because we keep seeing stories like this and I just don't know what outcome these people are expecting in these circumstances.
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No, that is not a company spot, that is my spot...

Senior Worker Visits Office and Takes Employee's Parking Spot, Gets His Vehicle Towed

Parking garage rules are stupid and this visiting senior employee ruined the whole system.
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karens parking space parking lot revenge petty revenge parking-wars entitled reddit thread Reddit karen parking entitled people - 17817861

Insane Karen Engages in 'Parking War' With Disabled Veteran, He Gets Revenge

This disabled veteran was at the VA pharmacy picking up some medication when a hostile Karen confronted them. They had brought their mobility scooter to help them navigate the “labyrinth" that is the local VA hospital and arrived at a crawling parking lot. All went smoothly, and they did their business before returning to their vehicle, intending to load the scooter up and “get the heck out of Dodge.” When they arrived in the parking lot and approached their vehicle, a car Karen began to get ag…
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pettyrevenge petty revenge petty reddit thread Reddit funny parking - 17780997

Impatient Parker Honks at Spot-Leaver, Takes as Long as Possible to Leave

Busy “Honk at me? Ok, fool we dying here, how about that?” -docscifi808 "'I live here now.' 😂" - Catinthemirror “Right? I'm sitting here and ordering a pizza for delivery now.” -carrotkatie “And the ones that honk are the ones who won't park in the open slot that's three spaces further away, or won't pull to one side while they wait so others can get through." -Fedupintx “I think you met the guy.” -jlb183
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neighbors parking space drama neighbor-drama terrible-neighbor parking neighbor viral-thread karen text message reddit thread Reddit mildlyinfuriating - 17592581

Viral Thread: Neighbor Leaves Rude Note on Car For Parking in Front of Their House, The Internet is Heavily Divided Over Who is Wrong

An exchange between two neighbors has gone viral after one of the neighbors posted screenshots of their exchange online. Responses to the This thread was posted to r/mildlyinfuriating by Redditor u/kayaniv with the title “Our neighbor doesn't like it if anyone parks on the street in front of their house.” There the thread has earned 16.4k upvotes.
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parking-drama neighbors parking space drama Bad Neighbor parking neighbor - 17420293

Bad Neighbors Insist That They Have the Right to Use Family's Parking Spaces

What is it with neighbors and parking drama?
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pro revenge fire truck neighbors fireman justice revenge parking neighbor - 17421061

Idiot "Disabled Spot Parker" Gets Vehicle Obliterated By Fire Truck

“There is nothing better than seeing a fire engine push cars around like nothing.” said SomethingEnglish in the top comment. “Seeing the look on the car owner's face when they are presented with the bill for the damage their cars caused the fire engines is a nice bonus, though.” replied Wells1632.
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revenge petty revenge entitled justice parking space university parking vigilante - 17411077

Rich Entitled Jerks Receive Parking Justice at the Hands of "Jalopy Vigilante"

These rich-entitled jerks received jalopy justice from an unknown vigilante for their continued poor behavior when it came to parking their expensive cars. Anyone who has attended a university knows how it goes; Amidst all the students who are amassing colossal debt and eating ramen to survive, there are always the rich kids who are blasting around in their souped-up rides, causing mayhem. Unsurprisingly, these entitled jerks often have no idea how to park their expensive vehicles. This story w…
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neighbors park in lot illegally, get covered in ice and then towed

Neighbors Keep Parking Illegally, Building Owner Gets Large Scale Ice Revenge

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Karen claims to own sidewalk, cop comes to say no she doesn't

Parking Karen Says She Owns Sidewalk, Fails When She Has To Explain Her Reasoning To Police

Good luck with that one.
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Bicycle parking thief gets his bike locked up as revenge

Bicycle Parking Thief Gets The Gift Of His Bike Locked Up

It's only fair.
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funny parking story

Parking Enforcement Issues Unreasonable Fine, Gets A Mouthful Of Their Own Medicine

How the tables turn.
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