Mom traps black widow and babies escape | r/tifu Posted by u/Psalms143-6 TIFU by hatching nest hundreds baby BLACK WIDOW SPIDERS my bedroom This did, essentially, happen today couple weeks ago my 5 year old daughter found black widow mom and her egg sack. She wanted look at so very carefully scooped up into jar, twisted on top and went around with duct tape good measure. She begged let them hatch so she could watch them, and this seemed be decent science homeschooling, after which

Mom Lets Black Widows Hatch, They Escape

Oh no.
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Tweets about kids saying very creepy things | elizabeth bruenig O @ebruenig am tucking my 4.5 y/o alright angel, sleep good, jane: did know our house there's secret door no jane can only see at night dark nope. not interested jane: and has big big big room inside am begging stop, | My daughter had an imaginary friend named Rusty. She stopped mentioning him and after while asked had become him? She told us she had rolled him up rug and shoved him down heaven hole. She pretty nonchalant about Neve

Twitter Thread: The Wildly Creepy Junk Kids Say

Well, uh, goodnight then.
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funny video of kids learning to ride a bike

Kid Learns To Ride Bike, Gives Inspirational Speech

Kid's going places.
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little kid with a microphone during hockey game

Dad Mics Up 4-Year-Old For Hockey Game

Kids talk to themselves a whole lot.
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Wholesome Tumblr thread about parenting kids that have ADHD | good-ho-mens S good-ho-mens just informed by my mom do fact have ADHD and reason thought didn't because ever since seven whenever got super energetic my mom would have go chop wood so now l'm feeling ADHD go chop wood and thought just some sort routine started little and wanted blow off steam

Tumblr Thread: Wholesome Mother's Parenting Strategy For ADHD

Nothing like chopping some wood to quiet the mind.
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father to be finds out he's about to have triplets

Husband Learns He's Having Triplets

Surprise of a lifetime.
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Twitter thread about a mom and step dad's insanely cool mini modern house. | Scott T. Miller byscottmiller My mom and step-dad have spent better part quarantine building they call their "Mini Modern House is, quite literally miniature marvel, and world needs see Fully built and designed scratch MMH comes with Functioning electricity

Twitter Thread: Mom And Step-Dad Build Insane Mini Modern House

A true masterpiece.
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Entitled influencer's obsessed dad gets involved in contest and ruins project | Posted by u/EstamelTharchon 3 days ago an obsessed parent can lose biggest client Long told this story all my friends, and suppose 's time share with developer at an $agency. Our biggest client at time bank. Apparently, banks our area have huge hard-on raffles, giveaways, and similar marketing tricks get new accounts opened. Better yet, they are constantly trying one-up each other, which is great marketing/developer

Entitled Influencer's Dad Disputes Contest, Ruins Entire Project

Great work, guy.
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entitled mom lets kid have tablet at daycare and gets kicked out | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/porosisr 14 hours ago O 18 17 S 15 E 16 2 AITA not changing my rules and terminating care have home daycare like think pretty lenient but do have one big rule: Don't make bad guy understand might have different rules but don't make child resent by not backing dn Anyway, another rule is don't allow outside toys or electronics. Kids can bring stuffed animals nap if they're sleeping on rest mats but don't

Entitled Mom Brings Kid To Daycare With Tablet, Gets Booted

Back in my day we had a stick and a rock. And Tamagatchi.
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funny video daughter pranking mother with mayonnaise diet

Daughter Tells Mom She's On All-Mayo Diet, Mom Flips

Mom was having none of it.
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A funny Tumblr thread on different texting tones based on generation people are born in. | averagefairy old people really need leam text accurately mood they're trying represent like my boss texted wondering my semester is over so she can start scheduling more hours and like my finals are done 15th! And she texts back "Yay fuck am supposed interpret besides passive aggressive runawaymarbles Someone needs do linguistic study on people over 50 and they use ellipsis s FASCINATING never know mood

Tumblr Users Explain Older Generations' Confusing Texts

They don't mean to sound passive aggressive.
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funny video father proud of daughter for telling dad joke

Daughter Tells Dad Joke, Dad's Overcome By Pride

Dad was real proud.
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Toddler invents their own swear word, and then swears at their parent for weeks. | TheOphans TIFU by learning my toddler made up their own way swearing at and has been telling f off while. M So build up this fuck up work out at home and have done since my child born like work out music and there is one particular song some reason really helps get mood squat s song l'd played some time without question until 4 months ago because has few swear words

Toddler Invents Their Own Swear Word, Swears At Parent For Weeks

Kid could be going places.
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Entitled manipulative son cancels mom's job interview and tries to sell her house so he can live rent free at college | Posted by u/Aita333645__ AITA kicking my son out my house after he cancelled my job interview? Not hole Please hear out first single mom (45 20 year old son (Chris) Chris is college. He studies engineering. Being single mom at young age not easy Despite everything been through. Despite my own family giving up on made sure my son got life he deserves

Manipulative Son Tries To Sell Mom's House, Cancels Her Job Interview

Whoa buddy that's a lot to unpack.
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Kid's dad passes away, kid discovers dad's notebook, and then a feels trip ensues. | Like, Anonymous 1 hour ago 46515536 1474820705804.jpg (23.3 KB, 242x206) 1 REPLY ears Rain, Sco0 >Born year 1993 >Mother abandoned at birth >22 year old father abandons all his dreams raises alone >times are tough as fuck as he has juggle work and whenever he has free time play vidya together move old nintendo and shit WoW raiding and so on

Kid's Dad Passes Away, Kid Discovers His Notebook, Feels Trip Ensues

Right in the feels.
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Dude sends fan mail to Marvel comics, and dad assumes that his kid got published. | r/tifu Join u/grapejuicecheese 11h 1 1 1 1 2 14 26 3 23 2 22 1 TIFU by sending fan mail Marvel Comics M So this happened mid 90's. Spider-man knee deep middle clone saga, one most controversial story arcs comic history. As 12 year old kid loved And after reading latest issue decided send letter Marvel. E-mail not as widespread back then, so printed out my letter and my mom took post office send .

Dude Sends Fan Mail To Marvel Comics, Dad Assumes They Got Published

At least he's an incredibly supportive dad.
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