A martial arts academy masterfully shuts down a helicopter parent's review | 2 reviews 2 weeks ago Horrible experience! My son (3 years old) has been going there now three months and everything going great. He loved coaches and really enjoying himself. Then out nowhere Main Guy Bob pulls side and tells my son has been disruptive last few weeks. My son is 3 years old and at times doesn't put his %100 effort but he never disruptive. He acting like every other child his age s unfortunate this place

Martial Arts Academy Skillfully Shuts Down Helicopter Parent

Handled it with class.
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parents of ugly babies explaining their experience

Parents of Ugly Babies Share What That's Like

Call it humble beginnings, or something.
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A powerful Twitter thread about a mom's parenting approach for setting personal boundaries | Erynn Brook @ErynnBrook want tell story about my mum taught allowed leave an uncomfortable situation.

Twitter Thread: The Power Of Setting Personal Boundaries

An awesome mom indeed.
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Dad lies about his son's bike being stolen with the intention of teaching him a lesson.

Dad Lies About Son's Bike Being Stolen To Teach Him Lesson

Come on, dad.
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A collection of the most illogical things that people's parents insist on doing.

Most Illogical Things People's Parents Do

Well, that's awesome and nonsensical.
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Dad tells his 24-year-old daughter to get a real job or move out.

Dad Tells Daughter To Get A Real Job Or Move Out

Pretty brutal, dad.
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humor wholesome kids engineering awesome parenting funny - 106452993

Engineer's Kid Realizes Dad's Driving Passing Train

So adorable.
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A collection of the pettiest things that parents' kids won't let them forget.

Kids' Pettiest Grievances With Their Parents

Kids effortlessly complicate things.
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Boyfriend wants to name baby after "Twilight" and mom isn't down.

Boyfriend Wants To Name Baby After "Twilight", Mom Says No

Just, no, my dude.
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A collection of times that kids had full on temper tantrums. | won't let him eat cat's food child crying next to a full pet bowl on the floor

Wildly Irrational Toddler Temper Tantrums

Kids are strange.
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Tired mother mistakes girl for pizza restaurant employee, learns otherwise. | r/IDontWorkHereLady u/storyskeller •6d Join 10 grim darkness far future, there is only Pizza XXXL Disclaimers: on mobile, English not my first language. Also, if want read on YouTube have ask my permission state upfront this story doesn't have Karen happened back 2006 didn't happen per se, but one people our group and witness.

Tired Mother Mistakes Girl For Employee, Learns Otherwise

Would've loved to have seen the costumes.
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Mom mistakenly kickstarts the great penguin debacle.

Mom Accidentally Ignites The Great Penguin Debacle

Mom was just trying to establish peace.
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cake humor surprised parenting ridiculous reaction funny children - 106347521

Mother Catches Daughter Eating Cake

Pure shock.
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acrobatics parenting painful dad ridiculous funny - 106339073

Dad Fully Commits To Front Flip, Pain Ensues

The effort was absolutely there.
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funny memes about parenting | Please hold my hand and walk next Kid: two ice skaters performing one is spinning while holding the hand of the other who is almost in a horizontal position

Parenting Memes for Those Who Feel the Pain

What angels.
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Mom traps black widow and babies escape | r/tifu Posted by u/Psalms143-6 TIFU by hatching nest hundreds baby BLACK WIDOW SPIDERS my bedroom This did, essentially, happen today couple weeks ago my 5 year old daughter found black widow mom and her egg sack. She wanted look at so very carefully scooped up into jar, twisted on top and went around with duct tape good measure. She begged let them hatch so she could watch them, and this seemed be decent science homeschooling, after which

Mom Lets Black Widows Hatch, They Escape

Oh no.
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