Mom makes a grave mistake, ends up buying her kids a ton of Mentos and Coke.

Mom Has Lapse In Judgment, Buys Children Tons Of Mentos And Coke, Chaos Ensues

Oh no, mom.
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Dad charges his ex $100 to babysit on their custody day.

Dad Charges Ex $100 To Babysit On Custody Day

Oh man.
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A collection of the dumbest things that people had to convince their parents to not do.

Dumbest Things People Had To Convince Their Parents To Not Do

Come on, dad.
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Parents' funniest stories about the tooth fairy.

Parents' Funniest Tooth Fairy Stories

The tooth fairy's a trip.
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Parent lets their daughter exclude a lazy neighbor from her yard business.

Parent Lets Daughter Exclude Lazy Neighbor From Yard Business

Disappointment's part of this crazy thing called life.
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Dad gets fed up with his family's pizza eating antics, so he sends a dramatic group text.

Dad Is Over Family's Pizza Eating Antics, Sends Dramatic Group Text

Messing with pizza is no joke.
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Mom makes her adult daughter and boyfriend sleep in separate beds.

Mom Makes Adult Daughter And Boyfriend Sleep In Separate Beds

Oh mom.
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An entitled mom has a full on temper tantrum after being rejected a doll.

Entitled Mom Has Temper Tantrum Over Doll

Absolutely ridiculous.
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A collection of funny and ridiculous insights from various people on Quora | Is unfair kick child out house on their 18th birthday, providing they've been warned advance even if their graduation is months off?

The World's Most Clueless Quora Users

Quora brings all kinds of lost souls out of the woodwork.
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Lies peoples parents told them as kids

Dumbest Lies People's Parents Told Them

Childhood was interesting.
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An entitled Karen has the audacity to steal customer's drinks, but then glorious instant karma ensues.

Entitled Karen Steals Customer's Drinks, Instant Karma Ensues

The audacity of this Karen genuinely blows the mind.
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Son creates an OnlyFans account for his mom, and people are very troubled about it.

Son Creates OnlyFans Account For Mom

We live in an increasingly strange world.
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An entitled Karen expects her kid to be able to steal toys, and then a reality check ensues.

Karen Expects Kid To Be Able To Steal Toys, Reality Check Ensues

Serves Karen right.
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A ferociously entitled mom repeatedly harasses neighbor about free babysitting.

Entitled Mom Harasses Neighbor About Free Babysitting

Um, absolutely delusional.
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A collection of the worst baby names that people have ever encountered.

Worst Baby Names People Have Encountered

No idea what the parents were thinking.
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stories of brutal ways parents tried teaching kids

Extreme Examples of "Sink-or-Swim" Parenting

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