Check the paper, you might be there. 

Platypus WIN

answer cartoons doodle education paper response school test - 5411654400
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Writing on Paper WIN

99 Hall of Fame note Occupy Wall Street paper parody political - 5364024064
Created by Unknown

It's Also Efficient!

box color paper racism recycling - 5382789376
Created by Unknown

Now this Computer Hates FIREFox

computer costume halloween modification paper tacky - 5356289024
Created by Bob Robertson

Paper Animal Sculptures WIN

animals art bird craft paper sculpture - 5286056960
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I Can't Sleep Without at Least Four Warm Reams on Me

animated copier gifs paper television the office - 5304922880
Created by Unknown

Not Shown: Part Where the Pen Breaks Open and Spills

broken Chart graph ink paper pen rage - 5300623360
Created by Unknown

Crafty WIN

art colors craft hand paper - 5256089856
Created by sixonefive72

Paper Dragon WIN

art dinosaur dragon origami paper papercraft sculpture - 5226592512
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Origami Beetle WIN

beetle bug insect nerdgasm origami paper papercraft - 5185732608
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Page-Turner WIN

art book books hand library fetish modification paper reading is sexy sculpture - 5206697728
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3D Illustrations WIN

3d book books cutout paper reading is sexy - 5185773056
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Playing Card Torus WIN

craft DIY math nerdgasm nerdy paper project - 5182123008
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Paper Camera WIN

art camera design model paper sculpture - 5171429888
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Papercraft WIN

art gallery Owl paper papercraft sculpture - 5126558464
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Paper Architecture WIN

architecture art craft paper sculpture - 5117903360
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