Check the paper, you might be there. 

Maybe I Shoudl Change The Font Size Again

essay paper patrick - 5797953280
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Seems Legit

fake locker paper seems legit - 5797952512
Created by Unknown

Paper Strikes Again!

cars dual use paper wtf - 5798182656
Created by flpimpn

Nothing Beats Paper, Good Ol' Paper

Close Enough lock paper security wtf - 5796320768
Created by austin.gillis

Take a Look, It's in a Book WIN

art book castle cloud design library fetish paper reading is sexy - 5778908160
Created by Unknown

Paper Cross Section WIN

art body cross section design paper science - 5769780224
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Jello Origami WIN

art dessert folding food Jello origami paper - 5710501888
Via My Jello Americans

A Crime Against Science

essay facebook FAIL Hall of Fame paper research - 5710313216
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Call 9-11 WIN

art clever design drawing fire paper - 5680939520
Created by Unknown

Nothing Unseemly Happening Back There

door Office paper wtf - 5674893568
Created by MatiasAkea
folding paper paper airplane robotics science Video - 31746305

Robot Folding WIN

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Psychedelic Paper Sculpture WIN

art design illusion paper pretty colors - 5625783040
Via Neatorama

Failbook: The Lord of the Research Papers

facebook failbook g rated Lord of the Rings paper school social media witty reply - 5553438720
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animated cube paper short stop motion Video - 30580481

Stop Motion Short WIN

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Clearly Not a Math Major

math money paper sign - 5534909440
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Batman Snowflake WIN

batman image paper win - 5494894848
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