Check the paper, you might be there. 

Paper Dragon WIN

dragon origami paper papercraft - 5012622336
Created by Unknown

Yodagami WIN

art nerdgasm paper star wars - 4990168576
Created by christellar ( Via )

Paper Folding WIN

art awesome book carved love pages paper - 4987202816
Created by Unknown

Book Printing FAIL

books failboat g rated paper printing Professional At Work - 4901244160
See all captions Created by Unknown

Paper Sculpture WIN

animals art paper - 4902794240
Created by sixonefive72

Carved into Pages Art WIN

art awesome carved pages paper - 4898257152
Created by sixonefive72
paper printer race receipt Video - 21572609

The Fuel in This Race is Paper Instead of Oil

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Badass Origami WIN

art Badass neat origami paper - 4815214336
Created by ekahnicole

Snappy Comeback WIN

clever paper poster trees - 4789694464
Created by punctured.words

I Don't Think You Understand The Concept of Round

paper pool pool table Professional At Work - 4753000192
Created by Unknown

Paperless FAIL

Ad environment failboat g rated green irony paper print - 4753069568
See all captions Created by Unknown

Can't You Feel Its Pain?

hack paper printer - 4722010624
Created by Unknown

But Not Too Deep, Right?

errors paper printer - 4692504320
Created by Unknown

Excuse Me?!

innuendo paper printer screen sex - 4644665088
Created by Unknown

I See What You Did There

bob marley paper paper jam printer - 4615461632

I Was Getting A Real Hoot Out Of It!

bathroom flush paper sign toilet - 4587064832
Created by DeeVee