Check the paper, you might be there. 

Paper Butterfly WIN

art butterfly cut design paper - 6373427456
Via Design Swan

In-Style Tiles

bathroom bathtub origami paper restroom shower tile tiles tub - 6320015360
By Hellf0rged

It's Raining Cats and .docs!

documents paper paperwork police - 6233646848
By Unknown

Technically Not Wrong...

irony paper - 6182916096
By Unknown

Paper Snowflake WIN

design paper snowflake - 6158239488
Via Illusion

Unless Your Thesis Is About "Your Mom" Jokes ...

nasa paper pluto procrastinating school your mom - 6153220608
By Unknown

Paper Hand WIN

clever design paper sculpture skeleton - 6125101824
By Unknown

Tech Support

android cell phone iphone origami paper smartphone stand - 6068922112
By Honeypots

Paper Wave WIN

art hokusai installation paper wave - 6005357824
By Unknown

Paper Architecture WIN

architecture art design paper - 6013538560
Via Web Urbanist

Origami Snake WIN

art design Hall of Fame origami paper snake - 5996349696
By Ninjadinosaur98

This Game Has Gotten Really Complicated Since I Was in 1st Grade

paper rock - 5985966592
By Unknown

Origami Sloths WIN

design origami paper sloth - 5982676736
Via Kiieeerra

Hacked IRL: Paper Memento Mori

hacked irl memento mori paper skull Street Art - 5949193216
Via Neatorama

Paper Animals WIN

animals art design detailed paper pretty colors - 5903398144
Via Illusion

Maybe I Shoudl Change The Font Size Again

essay paper patrick - 5797953280
By Unknown