Botanists describe some of the scariest plants in the world.

Botanists Describe Scariest Plants In The World

Plants are kind of scary, man.
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nature tiger funny Video animals - 106629889

Tiger Meowing Is A Majestic Sight To Behold

Dude clearly wanted to be a cow.
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Video of mice infestation in rural Australia

Australia's Mouse Situation Is Getting To Be A Lot

The floor is mice!
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nature crazy surprising freaky Video Mushrooms - 106368513

Mushroom Hunter Hears Crazy Sound

Understatement of the year.
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satisfying video of a train plowing snow

Trains Plowing Snow Is A Mesmerizing Work Of Art

Those train plows are no joke.
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flying a drone near lions feeding on prey

Man's Drone Flying Skills Are Superhuman

Seriously, next level.
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scary rattlesnake wakes up video

Woken Up Rattlesnake Is Menacing as Heck

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crazy video man encounters a bear in the wild and scares it

Giant Bear Vastly Underestimates Swedish Man

Not today, big bear.
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funny animal video penguin gets confused

Penguin Waddles Off In Wrong Group, Buddy Tries To Retrieve Him

These are not the penguins you're looking for.
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encountering a giant black chicken in the snow

Skier Encounters Capercaillie, Looks Like Real Life Pokémon

Definitely don't see that every day.
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Awesome Tumblr story captures earth's wildlife through the lens of aliens' eyes. | giraffepoliceforce really want science fiction story where aliens come invade earth and effortlessly wipe out humanity, only be fought off by wildlife. They were expecting military resistance. They weren't counting on bears. splintercellconviction Imagine coming hostile alien world and being attacked by horde creatures can weigh up 3 tons, run at 30 km/h (19 mph and bite with force 8,100 newtons

Epic Tumblr Story Captures Earth's Wildlife Through Aliens' Eyes

Don't ever count earth out.
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Koala gross sound video

Koala Sounds Just Awful

It's like a boat engine made out of pig parts.
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Spider crawls on ceiling of car, making girls inside freak out.

Car Full of Girls Can't Handle Huge Spider

To their credit, that's a pretty big spider.
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kayak gets swallowed by a whale

Kayakers Briefly Swallowed By Whale

Whale was hungry.
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A funny Tumblr post about how nature can end up being very frightening | inconsequential S linesofreturninggeese Follow just-shower-thoughts Follow Building treehouse is biggest insult tree killed friend, here hold him mojave-wasteland-official "Friend" Its more killed potential enemy. Hold his dismembered corpse victory. theun--sj Follow Plants don't wage war

Tumblr Thread: Kudzu Is A Scary Monster Plant

Dang nature, you creepy.
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filming nature life log bridge over a stream

Pennsylvania Man Films All Kinds Of Wild Life On Bridge

Nature is radical.
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