popular survival myths

Survival Myths That Could Be More Deadly To Follow Than Not

Oh cool, confusion.
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Young Park Ranger Goes Viral for Sharing Her Day-to-Day Life Working in the Middle of a Huge National Park

Young Park Ranger Goes Viral for Sharing Her Day-to-Day Life Working in the Middle of a Huge National Park

Based in Flagstaff, AZ—she works in recreation and trails and finds herself alone in the middle of this huge forest every day.
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woman discovers long line of pine caterpillars twitter thread

Twitter Thread: Woman Discovers Polite Little Line Of Caterpillars

Look at em go.
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nature myths warning tips survival help advice dangerous - 16113157

Survival Myths That Are Wrong And Potentially Fatal

There is a whole lot of bad advice out there. And not just financial or relationship advice. Literal survival advice. And that's the most basic thing. So here is some clarification to dispel some of the more popular survival myths that people like to propagate. And to increase your odds even more, here are some basic survival rules everyone should know.
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A humorous Twitter thread about various birds that were likely named by people who don't like birds.

Twitter Thread: Birds Named By People That Have Beef With Birds

Seriously, give the poor birds a chance.
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nature tumblr sharks lol shark marine biology biology funny - 16070661

Friends Discover Shark Tracker, Find Various Shark Journeys

In case you've ever wanted to track sharks and other sea life, Ocearch would be the place to do it. These folks went on a deep dive (don't excuse that pun, it sucked) into the world of shark tracking and found a few of their favorites. Who wouldn't want updates on their favorite sharks? For more shark stuff, here was the time people discovered a shark army and sided with the sharks.
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Botanists describe some of the scariest plants in the world.

Botanists Describe Scariest Plants In The World

Plants are kind of scary, man.
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A Twitter thread takes a look at some of the funniest bird names out there. | Stu Royall @stu_bot3000 3h Why even go into this line work? More images Go-away-bird go-away-birds, Crinifer, are genus bird turaco family. Unlike many brighter forest dwelling turacos these are birds African open country and have drab grey and white plumage. Wikipedia

Twitter Thread: The World's Most Ridiculous Bird Names

So silly.
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nature russia Music awesome Video win - 106347777

Russian Arctic Explorer Serenades Music-Loving Walruses With Accordion Concert

Seems like they loved it.
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funny biology memes

Natural Science Memes To Become One With Biology

Finally, a use for high school bio.
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nature cool accessories awesome ocean shark Video win - 107452673

Wild Shark Recognizes Human Best Friend After Being Separated For A Year

What a beautiful moment.
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nature cotton candy trash panda cute lol raccoons funny Video stupid animals - 107451137

The Full Saga Of The Racoon That Tried To Wash Cotton Candy

It actually got it in the end.
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A wild Tumblr thread about nature going beast mode.

Tumblr Story: Nature Goes Beast Mode, Fights Off Alien Invasion

Those dang cicadas, man.
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nature wtf birds strange hummingbird weird - 107384065

Backyard Is Host To Ludicrous Number Of Hummingbirds

That's like, a whole pound of hummingbirds.
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nature customer service crazy amazon tornado ridiculous tiktok - 2665734

TikTok Video Shows Amazon Driver Make Delivery During Tornado

Get this dude a raise.
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nature cool surprising awesome ridiculous whales Video - 107300353

Curious Orca Tries To Befriend Stand Up Paddle Boarder

Orca was just trying to say "what up."
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