A Tumblr thread imagines an alien invasion being fought off by nature | giraffepoliceforce really want science fiction story where aliens come invade earth and effortlessly wipe out humanity, only be fought off by wildlife. They were expecting military resistance. They weren't counting on bears. splintercellconviction Imagine coming hostile alien world and being attacked by horde creatures can weigh up 3 tons, run at 30 km/h (19 mph and bite with force 8,100 newtons (1,800 lbf By time realise th

Tumblr Thread: Alien Invasion Fought Off By Wildlife

Honey badgers for the ultimate win.
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A quick and fun Tumblr thread on the tree that owns itself | Yanra Dsfnan Reese St Deaning St Waddell St Waddell St Tree Owns Itself Directions Write review Tree Owns Itself is white oak tree, widely assumed have legal ownership itself and all land within eight feet its base. Wikipedia Address: South Finley Street, Athens, GA 30605, United States Reviews 4.3 6 Google reviews S Hull St S Hu Florida Ave N Newton St ton St SFinley St pe St S Pope St N Church St SHarris St

Quick Awesome Tumblr Thread On Tree That Owns Itself

Love everything about this.
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A collection of pictures of trees that looked like they ate stuff | tree with hold that look like eyes growing through a fence looking like a face biting on it

Trees That Appeared To Eat Stuff

Trees grow in all kinds of strange ways.
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Quora user asks if ants can scream | Susan Campbell scream at spiders! Answered Dec 5 Is normal ants scream? Whenever use water get them off my patio hear screeching.

Quora User Learns That Ants Can Scream

Nature is wild.
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jar of pond water develops ecosystem

Guy Seals Jar Of Pond Water On Windowsill, Records Life That Grows

Life is strange.
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A parody of a nature video featuring backwards hippos.

The Majestic Backward Hippo

Nature is beautiful.
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Funny memes about how different wildlife is coming back | ronnie mcdonnie @taladorei with everyone on lockdown lime scooters are finally returning river. nature is healing are virus. electric scooters sinking in water

Twitter Makes Memes of News that "Nature is Healing"

So majestic.
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Tumblr thread describes a monster mold that has the powers of Medusa | unexplained-events photo above is closest humanity has ever come creating Medusa. If were look at this would die instantly | image is reactor core lava formation basement Chernobyl nuclear plant s called Elephant's Foot and weighs hundreds tons, but is only couple meters across. Oh, and regarding Medusa thing, this picture taken through mirror around corner hallway. Because wheeled camera they sent up take pictures destroyed

Tumblr Thread: Radioactive Lava-Like Material Has Medusa Powers

No thank you.
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Tumblr thread about different animals exploring during quarantine | taylorswifh third day italian quarantine: everything is closed, everyone is at home and so WILD BOARS ARE MY TOWN WITH THEIR BABIES laughing so hard

Quick Tumblr Thread Shows Random Animals Coming Into Towns During Quarantine

Apparently It's a decent time for a feral hog to wander around.
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Trees that grew around objects | photos of an old canon ball or some other kind of projectile that is visibly aged and rusting stuck inside a tree trunk that grew around it

Hungry Trees that Enveloped Stuff

These trees don't want to be messed with.
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Winter hits Florida and people react in hilarious fashion on Twitter | Hypothermia Iguanas Falling Trees May Smell Burning Dust #haiku #FloridaWinter Wind Chlls 20s 30s Iguanas Falling Trees Space Heater Fire Hazard Hypothermia People& Pets May Smell Buming Dust Tuming on Heat This Is Normal. FLORIDA IS CLOSED BUSY TRYING FIND OUR JACKETS

Winter Hits Florida, People Lose It (16 Tweets)

It's raining iguanas in Florida.
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A collection of crazy images from Newfoundland's snowstorm of the century | person standing with raised arms in a narrow corridor dug through snow. black dog standing on a mound of snow and looking over a fence.

Apocalyptic Images From Newfoundland's Storm Of The Century

Record breaking snow in Newfoundland made for quite the photoshoot.
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video of man in the snow throwing around frozen solid pants and shirt

Extreme Cold In Calgary Results In Frozen Shirt Frisbee

Let's see what article of clothing flies the furthest.
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Tumblr thread on farm animals and procedures on them takes a dark turn when someone explains how pigs are omnivores | ratcoded who else is didn't realize sheep have long tails until like 20 club. row of sheep walking in a green field in front of a blue sky

Tumblr Thread On Farm Animals Takes A Dark Turn

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nature snow awesome weather ridiculous Video remote control win - 100902145

Remote Control Bulldozer Clears Out Driveway Full Of Snow

That's one way to get things done!
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nature FAIL cold funny Video - 99941633

Tourist Stuck On Small Chunk Of Ice In Glacier Lagoon, Floats Away

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