nature surprising squid ocean Video - 107062017

Giant Squid Latches Onto Surfer's Board, Surfer Maintains Max Chill

Oh, what up my guy.
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nature adorable interesting ocean octopus funny Video - 106993153

Octopus Swims Ashore For Attention, Accomplishes Mission

Homie got all the pets he could've wanted.
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nature awesome faith in humanity restored kayak moose Video win - 106962177

Heroic Kayakers Rescue Moose Calf From River In Canada

Job well done, lads.
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A humorous Twitter thread about various birds that were likely named by people who don't like birds.

Twitter Thread: Birds Named By People That Have Beef With Birds

Seriously, give the poor birds a chance.
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Guy on Facebook sorts through ocean plastic and finds interesting things | Rob's post 's always good can date found item. Here have give-away toy by Kelloggs 1958! Incredibly will have been laying environment 62 years! | Lego flippers Tokio Express container spill off Landsend 1997. These flippers have been marine environment 23 years! This particular pair looking almost like new, still connected sprue. Where have they been all this time?

Dude Uses Free Time to Sort Through Ocean Plastic

It's as interesting as it is sad to think about.
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A collection of cool artistic engravings on trees.

Faces Carved Into Trees Is A Mystifying Spectacle

Pretty cool stuff.
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nature scary warning wtf Damn Nature U Scary dangerous animals - 14258437

Animals That Are Way More Dangerous Than They Seem

Otters, Caterpillars and Boars, oh my!
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Washing machine working on water turbine power

Man Powers House With Creek And A Washing Machine

Simply awesome.
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nature surprising alligator fishing dangerous Video - 106842881

Man Nearly Attacked By Alligator While Fishing In Florida

Oh hey, buddy.
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A TikToker shares videos where she tells a story about finding humanoid footprints.

TikToker Claims She Found Humanoid Footprints, Shares Pictures

Maybe the Bigfoot fam just wants to live in peace.
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nature crazy surprising bugs interesting Video Beetles - 106831617

Hercules Beetle Sounds Like A Literal Lawnmower

A real life Pokémon.
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Man tells his entitled neighbor off for stealing rain water that he collected.

Man Tells Neighbor Off For Stealing Rain Water He Collected

Just a bit entitled on the part of the neighbor.
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nature crocodile scary surprising intense Video - 106765313

Man Feeds Massive Wild River Croc Like It's His Pet

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nature birds awesome fox ridiculous funny Video win - 106750465

Bird Steals Nesting Material From Napping Fox

Bold move, bird.
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nature wholesome cute ridiculous turtle funny - 106726401

Turtle Sneezes, It's Too Much To Handle

Um, okay cuteness overload.
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nature scary Tsunami greenland ocean dangerous intense Video - 106714369

Fishermen Flee Terrifying Tsunami In Greenland

Fortunately they were able to get away just in time.
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