speed bag expert drummer cool music video

Drummer Plays Exactly In Time With Expert On Speed Bag

Oddly soothing.
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kid plays metal music electric guitar

Kid Absolutely Shreds At Talent Show

Kid's going places.
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people on subway singing Sweet Caroline together heartwarming awesome video

Man Plays "Sweet Caroline" In Boston Subway, Everyone Loves It

Naturally, the Bostonians were all about it.
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funny beastie boys beach boys mashup

Dude Nails Beastie Boys/Beach Boys Mashup

Well that's new.
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batman plays Interstellar cover on accordion

Guy Plays Mind-Boggling Cover Of Interstellar On Accordion

Uh, that was pretty cool.
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Bee Gees leave in the middle of an interview

The Bee Gees Storm Out Of Interview

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Dave Grohl drum battle challenge with young girl drummer Nandi Bushell

Dave Grohl Surprises Girl With Special Song For Her

Dave Grohl is the best.
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metal band performance

Local Metal Band Absolutely Shreds It

Those kids are going places.
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britney spears funny fan encounter

Fan Makes Britney Spears Chuckle

Golden timing.
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young drummer girl Dave Grohl react video

Dave Grohl Responds To Kid's Drum Battle Request

This is just unreal.
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Stevie Ray Vaughn playing guitar

Stevie Ray Vaughn Plays Guitar And Shakes Fan's Hand

That's what mad skills look like.
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Smokepurpp the mumble rapper tries to freestyle and it goes, uh, not well

Mumble Rapper Hilariously Tries To Freestyle

No reason to move his hands.
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Kid crashing his bike into some garbage bins sounds like the drum part to Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight"

Kid's Can Crash Syncs Perfectly to "In the Air Tonight"

Someone, lend him a hand.
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girl playing harp to attract deer

Girl Attracts Deer While Playing "Sound Of Silence" With Harp

Deer was feeling that jam.
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Band member tries to backstab band, band takes revenge | r/ProRevenge Join u/perpetual_CO00009A 2y Smells Like Teen Primadonna Spirit Bit background. My little brother high school band, and although never part used drive them around gigs and occasionally studio could drive, and if helped my little brother out meant got borrow our Mother's car while, so wasn't entirely altruistic. As well as lil bro (guitar there also Kev (vocals Bob (guitar) and Dave (drums This late '90s about 19-20 during thes

Lead Singer Tries To Backstab Band, Band Sabotages Singer's Career

Nice try, Kev.
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Quick Tumblr thread honors the larger than life saxophones | 131-di contrabass saxophone is such an absurd instrument huge horns

Tumblr Thread: Larger Than Life Saxophones

That's just awesome.
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